Kakao Talk launches newest OPEN CHAT

Kakao Talk recently Launched a feature that allows to chat with others at the click of a link called OPEN CHAT.
These chat rooms have designated URLs, which users can share on social media and other websites.
Users can now enter the chat room without providing their mobile phone numbers or Kakao Talk IDs.
Group chats are then easier to start because users who have the link can join the conversation, no need to add people one by one.
Kakao Talk created such app for users to have more easier and more convenient ways to chat with new friends but can limit and control who they reveal their profiles to.
This also serves an interactive comment section for news providers, bloggers, and readers to discuss an article or blog entry without giving out personal details.
They will store the messages for only 3 days.
OPEN CHAT can accommodate u to 500 users in a single chat room. The chat room's host can designate the maximum number of users that can participate in any given OPEN CHAT.

How to use OPEN CHAT

You have to first press on the floating + button on the chats tabs and select OPEN CHAT.
Fill in your chat identity or profile and set up a chat room
Choose a type of chat (1:1 chat or group chat)
Select a background photo and press OK

The OPEN CHAT link will then be live and ready to go.

So download KakaoTalk today and OPEN CHAT away!

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