Cream-O spreads happy thoughts through the Cream-O-fied Creations Food Truck

Get your sweet tooth ready and create happy thoughts as you Cream-O-fy your favorite cookies with the new Cream-O-fied Creations Food Truck!

This truck-full of chocolate goodies will park in malls and universities to offer Cream-O products with a twist.
Cream-O-Holics can get creative as they jazz up any of the Cream-O variants – Vanilla, Choco Fudge, Cookies ‘n Cream, Deluxe, Crinkles, Chocoloaded or Chocolate Chip Cookies – with the Cream-O-fied Creations Food Truck
The food truck allows Cream-Oholics to jazz up Cream-O cookies in four easy steps:

  • DIP
First, they can choose their favorite Cream-O variant (Vanilla, Choco Fudge, Cookies ‘n Cream, Deluxe, Crinkles, Chocoloaded or Chocolate Chip Cookies) and dip it in rich chocolate (milk, dark or white), creamy peanut butter or whipped cream.
They can then add extra color, texture and flavor to their creations with a wide variety of toppings and even drizzle on some delicious chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup.

Chocolate lovers are in for a yummy treat as the Cream-O food truck offers Cream-O Signature Creations – Cream-O cookies made more delicious with dips, sprinkles and drizzles
For Cream-Oholics who need help deciding, they can also select from Cream-O’s seven Signature Creations: Twinkle Twinkle Little Crinkle (Cream-O Crinkles, chocolate dip, candy sprinkles, chocolate syrup), Cookie Butter (Cream-O Chocolate Chip Cookies, peanut butter, almond slices, chocolate syrup), Black Forest Deluxe (Cream-O Deluxe, whipped cream, slice of cherry, strawberry syrup), Chocolate Overload (Cream-O Chocoloaded, chocolate dip, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup), White Peppermint (Cream-O Cookies and Cream, white chocolate, red sprinkles, strawberry syrup), Choco-Nut Suprise (Cream-O Choco Fudge, peanut butter, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup) and Snow Mountain (Cream-O Vanilla, whipped cream, almond slivers, caramel syrup).

Aside from making their own Cream-O-fied Creations for free, Cream-Oholics can also get complimentary samples of Cream-O’s newest products, Brownie Crunch and Caffé Latte.

Another fun activity to look forward to, the Cream-O-fied Creations Food Truck also lets Cream-Oholics capture their happy thoughts through a specially designed Cream-O photo booth.
The Cream-O Food Truck lets Cream-Oholics enjoy the chocolate goodness of their favorite cookie as they jazz it up with their choice of dips, sprinkles and drizzles. Welcoming students on its first stop at Rizal High School are Chloe Ocampo and Benedict Ong of Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Brand Marketing
Catch the Cream-O-fied Creations Food Truck at Alabang Town Center on November 8, Gateway Mall on November 14 and 15, and Ayala Fairview Terraces on November 22. Get the latest from Cream-O on Facebook at, Twitter at Cream_Oholics and Instagram at certifiedcreamoholic

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