Mister Donut Trinoma, Now Open. Free Donuts for Customers!

Mister Donut has always been known to satisfy big cravings and to create big smiles among donut lovers.
The big news is that they opened their largest branch at the Ground Floor of Trinoma Mall in North Avenue, Quezon City this October 15, 2015, much to the delight of loyal customers everywhere.
Apart from its spacious and fresh interiors, there are many reasons why a visit to Mister Donut
Trinoma should be on top of every foodie’s list.
The store features Mister Donut’s Signature Donuts that are bestsellers in Mister Donut Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, and other international markets.
Only selected Mister Donut Shops offer these products like the French Cruller, the Do-ssant – Mister Donut’s version of the Cronut, and the newest addition to the collection, the Old-Fashioned Donuts.

 These signature Donuts are made in-store, allowing customers to witness firsthand how these delightful creations are made.

A definite highlight, of course, is Mister Donut’s original “Pon de Ring” from Japan, which has become a certified hit among the most discerning donut palettes.
Its trademark chewy texture provides a perfect balance to bring out its scrumptious and wide array of flavors which includes the bestselling White Almonds, All Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, apart from the classic Glazed and Sugar-raised variants.

In addition to its innovative donut selection, the food offerings of Mister Donut have likewise gained a loyal following.
Some of the all-time favorites available at the Trinoma store include the All Day Breakfast line, scrumptious pasta dishes, Croissantwiches, Fluffy Pancakes, and the Clubhouse Sandwich.
Needless to say, a Mister Donut meal – whether savory or sweet – always goes perfectly with its bestselling brewed coffee.

Even with more than enough reasons to visit the store, Mister Donut has sweetened the pot by offering the first five (5) visitors of the Trinoma branch a six-month supply of half-a-dozen Bavarian donuts!
The first three hundred (300) customers, on the other hand, received two (2) free Glazed Pon De Rings.
A mini magic show and a mascot meet-and-greet on the opening day provided fun and excitement for the whole family.

Mister Donut Trinoma will be open from 10am-9pm every Monday to Thursday, and 10am-10pm every Friday to Sunday

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