Say Bye Bye to Back Pains with Dr. George Cromack's Chiropractic care

I've been suffering from Scoliosis for as long as I can remember but never been diagnosed.

I learned this when I was in my teenage years and for the last 20 years or so, I've had problems with my back plus pain that comes and goes, no matter what I do.
My back is uneven and the half part is elevated.
I've never considered surgery nor did I ever search for any other pain management options because I was such a scaredy cat.

But as they say, treating illness is more than just alleviating pain and its symptoms, it is helping the patient achieve a higher level of wellness that allows him to enjoy his life more fully.

Dr. George Cromack, the esteemed chiropractor and co-founder/director of the Renew Yourself Regeneration and Youth Program, abides by this simple and honorable philosophy.
Through chiropractic medicine, Dr. Cromack improves the health of millions of Filipinos, helping them find relief from persistent pain that stems from spinal problems.  He treats cases that include (but are not limited to) headaches and migraines, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and neck and back problems.

In the Philippines, people experience these problems every day, caused by hours sitting before a computer screening, doing strenuous work, or straining on their body as they commute across the metro. These painful bouts prohibit them from being fully productive at work or at school, and hinders them from enjoying the fullness of life.

This is where Dr. Cromack’s expertise and 33 years as a chiropractor lend itself.

“When it comes to pain, people usually take pain relievers and muscle relaxants to alleviate pain, but medication only offers temporary relief. As a chiropractor, I identify whether your pains stem from problems in your spine, neck and back. I address the underlying factors that contribute to it, ensuring results and greater well-being,” says Dr. Cromack.

When it comes to severe headaches and persistent neck and back pain, patients usually consult a neurologist, Dr. Cromack advises seeing a chiropractor first, especially in these specific cases.

“The symptoms of pain and numbness (among others) usually stem from nerve interference and transmission in your spine. Therefore, chiropractors seek to restore normal alignment and normal nerve flow and functioning, helping you find immediate relief.”

Chiropractic treatment usually involves a manual manipulation/ adjustment of the spine to remove any interference that is preventing your body from healing itself and to restore natural body processes.

In as little as one visit, patients can reap the benefits of chiropractic care –more energy, less pain and a better disposition.
(More complex and severe cases, may entail longer therapy, spread over several clinic sessions.)  “My goal is to get the patient feeling better in the quickest time possible,” Dr. Cromack shares.
As a certified yoga instructor with extensive background in Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Cromack believes that total wellness lies beyond treating the physical; and thus he also prescribes therapies that ground the spirit and helps to address other lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, and exercise.

“Once you’ve helped a patient get out of pain, you can start to inspire, motivate, and educate him on how to take better care of himself and his body. As a doctor, I think that’s the really exciting part. We at the clinic aspire to guide our patients towards a higher level of wellness and an improved quality of life,” he beams, adding that even healthy individuals who don’t experience pain will benefit from maintenance chiropractic care.
The greatest wealth is, indeed, one’s good health, and Dr. George Cromack and his team at the Manila Neck anf Back Center will help you live the life that you deserve.

To know more about how Dr. Cromack can help you achieve optimum health and well-being, visit or schedule an appointment at

Manila Neck and Back Center
Room 2C, Fort Palm Springs Bldg.
30th corner 1st Ave.
BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila
Office number: 0927 676 7712

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