Celebrating 70 Years of Max's "Sarap To The Bones" #ChickenLove #HBDMaxs #MAXsFriedChicken

As a family, we grew up loving everything about Max's.

My father would take us there before movie night on weekends. It was then at their first franchise store in Harrison Plaza I think.  I remember comforting meals, vibrant colors and lots of variety that make Max's a firm favorite not just within my family but the whole nation as well.
Whenever you enter the place, you feel as if you just arrived home for family Sunday lunch or dinner.
It's always a surprise what you will find next to the yummy caramel bars and other desserts you know well that are extremely good. They provide several options from the menu with reasonable prices. Everything they cook, they do it from heart. You will feel on the taste.
Just like their famous Max's Restaurants's fried chicken. Our Chicken Love.
That dish has remained a favorite among Filipinos for so long that is already an institution. There is something definitively special about Max's Fried Chicken, the cooking oil maybe, I don't know. But it definitely sets it apart from the others.
When we stayed in the province for 3 years because of hubby's work, we always ended up coming and eating at Max's for lunch almost every week. The ambiance is always casual and welcoming. We tried searching for new local cafes but to no avail. Max's is where my heart is.
For 70 years, no restaurant better exemplifies true Filipino dishes than Max's Restaurant.
Yes, time flies when you're having great food.
It's been 70 years since the restaurant founder Maximo Gimenez opened their doors and welcomed American Soldiers into his home for hearty meals in 1945, after World War II. Typical Filipino Hospitality.
These soldiers enjoyed themselves so much ,began insisting on paying, eventually convinced him to open up a cafe and the rest is history.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the grand celebration of Max's Restaurant's 70 years held at Max's Restaurant in Scout Tuazon, where it all started. The night was all about Max's Fried Chicken. Still nothing beats that crispy "Sarap to the Bones" chicken we all know and love.
The place, 70 years ago, had waterfalls, ponds with Japanese Carp, singing birds, and Piedra China used in the garden canopy. A beautiful and special place even at that time. Sir Gucci , who did the interiors, was also present that night.
They showcased a modern Max's museum in the middle of the venue , which we saw various Max's Restaurant's memorabilia collected over the years, helping us imagine how the company has changed and grow over the years. A real trip down the memory lane.

One interesting item I saw was a 1972 Max's Restaurant Employee ID. It just speaks of the great history the restaurant has.
Also spotted was a 1980's menu, and the whole Max's Fried chicken back then was only 78 pesos and in 1945 it was only 5 pesos! Max's buttons from the years past were also featured.
Do you remember the "Puso to the Max" campaign?
That was their way of igniting nationalism of Filipinos to show support for the Philippine Team that made it to the World Cup after 35 years. Their more on celebrating national pride and Filipino talent as well.

How about the Chicken-all-you-can back in 2010?
The customers were able to choose their preferred day for the promo and it was a huge hit. Unfortunately I was not able to try it out myself. My asthmatic skin would freak out from all those yummy chicken I will consume.
Max's restaurant truly values generosity and hospitality. They want the Filipinos to enjoy Max's Fried Chicken as much as possible.

Now, Max's Restaurant is all over the World.
You will find 40 branches in North America alone. 6 in the Middle East.
They also have 4 Max's Group namely : Max's Restaurant, Max's Corner Bakery, Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice. They managed to acquire the Pancake House Group, and recently ventured in Hotel industry, as if they are not doing enough already. Whew.

It was indeed an amazing, fun night reminiscing those good 'ol memories of Max's Restaurant. I swear, I got teary-eyed after hearing stories from the cousins who run the company now.
I super loved the Piolo and Isabel Reunited TVC but I wanted to cry after seeing the latest Max's commercial for OFWs.

I'm craving for Max's Fried Chicken at the moment, I should stop now.

Happy 70th, Max's! More years to come!

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