What I Love About The Newly-Opened Robinsons Selections Mckinley Branch

I used to routinely visit several places just to go grocery shopping.

Like, for personal health care, we would visit a certain store just for the price and convenience. Then we go to another place for fruits and veggies because they have a wider selection.
We hop from one store to the other in search for good deals with good quality but that can truly be time consuming and expensive, especially if you're traveling with the children.
I have 3.
You can't imagine the hardships we need to face just by doing grocery shopping. Very unsettling indeed

Good thing now there's Robinsons Selections to help us overloaded moms with our grocery shopping. Why go to other places when you can get all your shopping done here in one fell swoop?
No more dragging the feet to elsewhere just to complete the things from the list. You can say adieu to crowded, overly cramped and awfully-smelling aisles, only to get just a part of what you need.
Choosing Robinsons Selections as my grocery shopping haven definitely makes me a smarter mom.

But before exploring the wonderful world of Robinsons Selections, we were first treated with a Sumptuous feast hosted by the gracious Amici , that we thoroughly enjoyed.

We then boarded the van and headed to the second and bigger Robinsons Selections store in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City.
You can see that the place was bare and empty and a part of it was not yet completed. The construction was still ongoing.
Robinsons Selections is bringing to the Mckinley Hill community the same state-of-the-art design and top-of-the-line offerings as its predecessor, which opened last year in Eight Forbes, Burgos Circle in BGC.

Now, there is a good reason to live somewhere within this area, to be able experience daily a one-of-kind treat from Robinsons Selections Mckinley.
The Mckinley branch is definitely bigger, 3 times specifically,  than the Forbes branch-- with a larger area of 2,481 square meters. For the Forbes branch,it's only 800 square meters.

Robinsons Selections also offers a wider assortment of imported products and newest selections (specifically 70 percent local, 30 percent imported) in keeping with the commitment to bring fresh and healthy food.
I really didn't mind spending my November 27th afternoon, along with other media friends, wandering the aisles of this posh place , just to be able to share with you how happy of a place this truly is.

So, let's get started!
Upon entering the grocery, we were greeted with the store's noticeably clean and hygienic ambiance , and welcomed warmly with the polite staff of Robinsons Selections.

New and clean shopping baskets are arranged perfectly at the entrance, which the OC moms would love, I'm pretty sure.
The whole place was still spotless and everything was perfectly arranged. 
Since it was also the opening day, customers were given with huge discounts and tons of freebies. 

Like, for every 3000 pesos worth of groceries, shoppers will automatically get a cool Robinsons Eco bag and for the first 40 customers, free Robinsons Rewards cards will be given. 
Early Christmas presents indeed for their loyal customers!
The way how a gift is wrapped nowadays has become no less important than the contents.
Here at the Gift and Wrap section, they make sure they have everything a gift savvy person would need.
From baskets to plastic covers, they have a complete set.
Christmas gift baskets are another great gift option available for those who are too busy to pack and prepare for the holidays.

They also feature here a Food-To-Go section with carefully curated gourmet goods for those with discerning palates.

You can also enjoy a very affordable shabu-shabu meal , available only at Robinsons Selections Mckinley.

The Salad Bar is one of my favorite sections here at Robinsons Selection Mckinley branch which I remembered staring blankly to because of the vast selection of healthy , yummy choices!
I was so ready to grab a cup but I was told that there was no open cashier that time.
I just love how Robinsons Selections want to instill the culture of eating hearty yet healthy to their customers -- my guiltless kind of indulgence.
The awesome-looking Salad Bar is situated in the middle of the grocery store, and for only 30 pesos, you can choose from the array of fruits and veggies and can already take home a bowlful of healthy merienda for you or the family.
And now I'm craving for the Buco Pandan!
This colorful spot in the store offers ready-to-go  “mesclun greens” (the French term for salad mixes) from Dizon Farms.
Bananas were the only product available offered by Dizon Farms back then. But now, not only they have the salad mixes, they also offer fresh juices from their farm as well!
Delightful snacks like mango float and maja blanca are also available for those people who have a sweet tooth.

The Fruit Bar section have rapidly become the most favorite section of Robinsons Selections according to most customers.
Robinsons is all about wellness and they wanted to bring more kindness to the world by creating an accessible healthy snack bar for everybody.
This is definitely my kind of fast food!

A complimentary great-tasting, nutritious fruit mix of Robinsons Fruits N' Cups were handed out to the media while having a tour of the whole store.  It is one of the Robinsons Exclusives.

Robinsons Selections can also be a snack haven, with its Snacks section. They have such a wide variety of imported and local snacks that the kids and the kids at heart are bound to go gaga over it.
They've organized them in a tempting and well-arranged presentation, making it more unforgettable for all of us! Aaaarg!
Decisions.. decisions!!
Look at how organized those drinks at the beverage section are! 

I'm not a chocolate lover honestly but I can assure you that I got a solid grin on my face when I came across this part of the store, wherein these nice-looking chocolates were perfectly placed and greeted me halfway through the tour.

I was surprised to see a Santa Kinder Surprise and honestly I was tempted to buy the whole box! My kids are addicted , not with the chocolate but opening the toys.

The Island Favorite section is where you can find delicacies from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. But Otaps and tarts are mostly seen in this section.

The Frozen Food section offers prime selections of Imported meats directly from Australia. 

You can always opt for the local frozen favorites, mostly from Pampanga. 

Robinsons Selections' Meat, Poultry, Seafood section is regulated and approved by the FNRI and you can ensure the highest levels of meat quality you'll buy for your family's welfare.

The store takes pride in its new and unique Sushi Bar , that reinforces its mission to become the premium shopping destination. The shelf life of the sushi is 3 days only.

These California Maki rolls are the bomb!

You can finally enjoy shabu-shabu at your own home throughout the year because Robinsons Selections also offers ingredients for your shabu-shabu such as Snow Crab Legs, squidballs, etc.

You can also enjoy specialty cheeses here in the Gourmet Cheese section in the world's greatest cheese resource only at Robinsons Selections Mckinley.
You'll love to explore this side of the store to find out about different kinds of cheeses from around the world.

Here in the Gourmet Deli section, you'll find shelves stocked with a wide range of artisan food products from across the country. Stop by the deli section the next time you visit the Mckinley branch for an epic selection of cured meats.

You can also find here all sorts of rice varieties and rice products from top different brands.

Robinsons Selections' Wines and Spirits section is a big space in welcoming spot to browse the perfect liquor tog ive as a gift or a personal benefit. Spotted a Sake, a Japanese rice wine , in which I'm forever curious about.

The last part of the tour was at the non-food area-- health/beauty and home essentials, in which the personal and home care favorites can be spotted.
These are all from trusted brands to home essentials, and the Travel Hub area is where you can get your perfect travel essentials that are below 100 pesos.

Who says Christmas flowers have to be red poinsettias?
Here in the Petals and Posies section,  a nice selection of fresh-cut flowers can be seen. I wanted to buy all the bouquets for my mom because she absolutely loves flowers. Flowers always brighten up a home no matter what the season, right?

Robinsons Selections executives having a grand day during the opening. 
The ever beautiful Ms. Gelli Victor hosted the grand opening of Robinsons Selections.
I really love doing my grocery shopping in all Robinsons Selections. They aim to be the grocery store of choice for discerning shoppers looking for fresh and healthy food and other needs which suit their shopping lifestyle.

To know more about this, visit the official website robinsons-supermarket.com.ph

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