Which of the newest Sniff & Cuddle Colognes by #TeamKramer suit you best?

Fine. I admit it.
I'm totally a #TeamKramer fan ever since I saw those Scarlett Doll posts on Ms. Cheska Garcia-Kramer's Instagram.
She reminds me so much of my second daughter Sandrine. See the similarities there?
And when she gave birth to Gavincredible, I can no longer go through the day without checking their recent posts every time. I would just slumped on the couch browsing #TeamKramer's IG over and over again just like the rest of their fans. I even had the chance to chat with Cheska on FB last summer. It was short but it made me feel special.

Speaking of special, I'm one of those "special" few who received a treasure chest ( got that from my brother) from #TeamKramer and #ZenZest recently.
They obviously gave special time organizing the contents, to create a personal touch with the receiver and making it as personalized as possible.
So, anyway,
Are you now curious what comes inside the #TeamKramer's Treasure Chest?
Are you desperately wondering why I, of all people, would be given such awesome gift?
Told you I was special! LOL

So, here's what's inside #TeamKramer's Treasure Chest :

  • Huge Jar filled with yummy colorful large marshmallows ( My son's favorite!)
  • Pink Pouch with a soft pink blanket ( Is it Polyester? I'm not quite sure )
  • 3 cute boxes ( Blue, Pink, Violet )

I'm really excited to share the news about #TeamKramer's co-creating a brand and that the team has finally teamed up with Zen Zest Asia, a pioneer fragrance company, and created Sniff & Cuddle Cologne, with the Scent of Baby Love.
These are made with fragrance oils directly from France, and knowing that Scarlett Doll has super sensitive skin, they carefully created the cologne with Aloe and Oat protein Moisturizers, to soothe and soften the sensitive skin.

"We thought of teaming up with Zen Zest to create a baby cologne with us. I like sniffling and cuddling my kids and I want them to smell and still feel like babies. I want my kids and other kids their age to grow up with a memorable , distinctive baby cologne, like our generation did growing up." Cheska revealed.

"When Team Kramer approached Zen Zest for fragrance partnership, I thought it was a great opportunity to take the Zen Zest brand to more Filipinos because, after all, Team Kramer is " Social Media's First Family," says Michelle Asence-Fontelera, Founder and President of Zen Zest Asia, Inc.

Indeed, they are!
I so love this adorable family.
There is no shortage of love or laughter with this fab five.
They always put smiles on their fans' faces and find time to social interact with all of us.

Choosing the perfect cologne for the kids is quite a difficult task for me, why?
My nose is too picky and sensitive. I'm more of a cologne girl but you have to trust me on this -- that any kid wearing any of these scents will instantly smell fantastic and you'll be happy to Sniff & Cuddle them all throughout the day.
I already got my favorite scent among the 3 but I still let my kids choose their preferred scents and colors.

My second daughter Ayli Sandrine opted for the pink one which is called the "Star" for #KendraSuperstar, that has a fresh, floral scent. I used to buy colognes with floral scents but my nose calls for a much lighter / powdery scents. This one, on the other hand, is the lighter version of all floral scented colognes you usually buy in stores. Your nose will love you for this.
This suits my daughter Ayli's personality perfectly. A girlie-girl. Always the Star.
My Eldest daughter Ayen Margarette chose the "Doll" for ScarlettDoll which has a sweet, fruity scent that is not overpowering and will last the whole day. I really thought she would pick Kendra's but violet is her favorite color. A fruity scent is similar to a person with colorful and fun personality--- just like my Ayen :)
This is my favorite and I usually choose a scent like this that is light, fresh, musky, powdery, whatever you want to call it. My Ayji Landen loved the scent and he said it was like "parang baby". If you preferred the similar scent, go for "Incredible" for #Gavincredible.
A powdery scent goes well with a cool personality-- just like my son Ayji :)
Colognes are great and by smelling good all the time contributes significantly to your everyday mood.
Sniff & Cuddle Colognes are more subtle than any cologne out there ( they take care of your skin too!).
Who wouldn't want to be recognized with an amazing smell, right?

So, go ahead. Try a bottle of Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne for only 60 pesos, currently available in Zen Zest outlets in malls, Boardwalk direct-selling dealers, www.sniffandcuddle.com, and soon, supermarkets and personal care stores nationwide.

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