Pangarap Mo, Protektado : A tribute to women

A few months back, I posted an article here on my blog about spreading awareness on Cervical Cancer.

The incident that happened last summer wherein I almost bled to death, had a D & C and had to have several blood transfusion and multiple bags of fluid squeezed into me in order for me to stay alive--still scares me. Fearful not for myself, but for my children and I know I'll spend the rest of my life worrying about them. That is why I stay healthy as much as I can.
Just thinking about what cancer can do to you is already devastating in the mind, what more to those women who really got the disease. Right?
That is why the leading research-based pharaceutical company GSK continues to ramp up cervical cancer awareness efforts with the patient-the woman-always a priority.
Recently, GSK held a one-day interactive seminar and program for cervical cancer awareness campaign that revolves around empowering women when it comes to preventing cervical cancer.

At the Power Over Cervical Cancer : The Power Wives event, the participant Seafarer's Wives were upgraded by providing them information about personality development, image building, personal resilience, financial management and self-care.
As we all know, there are about 400,000 Filipino seafarers deployed who render themselves and their families at greater risk for several diseases and infections due to their working conditions.
Filipino Seafarer's wives were encouraged to come forward in establishing their own small-scale industries to be able to support themselves and their families while the men work afar. They were taught about how to become self-dependent and the value of preventive healthcare. The workshop was attended by around 20 to 40 women.

DIY gift wrapping and how to achieve a no make up makeup look were also part of the fun-filled Power Wives workshop.
I learned a lot from this one day special event for moms like me. I tried fixing my eyebrows that time, but to no avail.

Here in the Philippines, the Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign urges Filipinas to realize that they are empowered-- that they can do something to prevent the disease from happening to them, so they can have the wonderful, meaning, and joyful life that we all deserve.
You can check out what I've learned about cervical cancer here.

To know more about cervical cancer, visit the Pangarap Mo, Protektado page on Youtube containing various short films conveying how protecting oneself against vaccine-preventable disease is one important step in the achievement of one's dreams. 

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