Ai Ai Delas Alas is back on latest Kapuso series “Raising Mamay"

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GMA offers a different kind of series perfect for Mother's Day with Raising Mamay which premiered on April 25, 2022 on the network's Afternoon Prime line up replacing Little Princess.

Raising Mamay upholds the nobility of selfless and unconditional love through the mother and the child's devotion to each other and how this kind of dedication brings about joy while overcoming every trial in life.

Directed by Don Michael Perez, Raising Mamay showcases the medical challenge that dramatically reverses the role of a mother and her daughter. It follows Abigail, a teenager who takes care of her scornful mother, Letty, who was stricken with brain regression after being shot. Abigail discovers her true identity after learning about her mother’s shooter. Coming from the success of GMA cultural primetime series Legal Wives, StarsStruck Season 7 Ultimate Female Survivor Shayne Sava earns her first leading role, playing the responsible and caring daughter, Abigail, who is forced to act as her mother's guardian due to the tragic accident. The intriguing and interesting character of Letty, on the other hand, is fittingly played by no less than the award-winning actress and Comedy Queen Aiai Delas Alas.

In an online press conference last  April 26, it was mentioned that this is not a typical story where a parent works hard to provide for her kid but instead there is a role reversal whereby a child is obliged to act as parent to their own parent.

"Dahil sa isang hindi inaasahang trahedya, ang kanilang mundo ay biglang mag-iiba. Ang kuwento nila ay hindi pangkaraniwan, dahil ang ina ang magiging anak, at ang anak ang magiging ina."

"Indeed a challenging role but Mamay ( I call her Mamay on set) made the whole experience easier. She made me feel confident and relaxed at all times,” Abigail (played by Shayne Sava of the Star Struck Season 7 fame) said, referring to doing emotional scenes. “We’re able to have a good relationship. Treated like a real Kapuso, more than anything,” Sava added.

Here's a quick intro of the whole cast:

Aiai Delas Alas as Letty Sandejas/Mamay

Abigail's scornful mother who was stricken with brain regression after being shot.

Shayne Sava as Abigail Sandejas

The responsible and caring "adopted" child of Letty and Bongwho is forced to act as her mother's guardian due to the tragic accident

Valerie Concepcion as Sylvia Renacia

The well-known celebrity talk show host and TV personality.

Gary Estrada as Randy Renacia

The charming but possessive and abusive husband of Sylvia. A former local official turned businessman. 

Abdul Raman as Paolo Ampil

The happy-go-lucky love interest of Abigail.

Antonio Aquitania as Bong Sandejas/Daday

The camera man husband of Letty.

Ina Feleo as Malou Reyes

Irresponsible and kleptomaniac younger sister of Letty. The exact opposite of Letty.

Joyce Ching as Arma Villasis

Has a tough facade but truly soft and lovable.  The cousin and road manager of Sylvia.

Tart Carlos as Wenda Liles

Best friend of Letty and the lady security guard at Abigail's school.

Raquel Pareño as Berna Gonzalez

Mother of Sylvia. 

Bryce Eusebio as Christopher Renacia

Only child of Sylvia and Randy.

Ella Cristofani as Kelly Gomez

Girlfriend of Paolo.

Hannah Arguelles as Dwein Liles

Child of Wenda. 

Lei Angela Ollet as Pam Galvez

Best friend  of Kelly.

You can watch the TV drama every weekdays at 3:25pm after Eat Bulaga.

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