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Since our tweens/teens go through big physical changes in puberty, they need extra nutrition to fuel these physical changes, meaning, a nutritious food is a must and make their final growth spurt count.

Teens experience a period of rapid growth between the age of 10-15 years old, where up to 2x* key nutrients are required, compared to before puberty. This period of growth is their last window of opportunity to optimize the final growth spurt.

PediaSure Plus 10+ Ages 10-15 years are often a time of the final major growth among children and according to Philippines’ National Nutrition Council, ~ 3 out of 10 Filipino children at this age group remains to be stunted. PediaSure has always been at the forefront of innovation and commitment to science-based, clinically- proven nutrition to support Filipino children’s growth and immunity. This 2022, Abbott is launching PediaSure Plus 10+, a new PediaSure line scientifically designed to help support catch up growth of children aged 10-15 years old. 

PediaSure 10+ has 34 key nutrients to provide complete, balanced nutrition for balance growth, 2x calcium, and natural vitamin K2 and triple protein complex for physical growth (meaning height). It also has high energy, vitamin C and iron for energy production, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, iron, zinc and selenium for normal immune function for stronger growth.

PediaSure Plus 10+ comes in two kids taste approved flavors – Delicious Vanilla and Flavorsome Chocolate.

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