Discovery Shores Boracay is in the Roblox Metaverse

4:40 PM

One of the first luxury resorts to open along the famous white beach of Boracay, Discovery Shores Boracay (DSB) once again pioneers in the travel and tourism industry.

Guest can now experience the Discovery Resorts in the virtual space as its flagship property, DSB steps into the Roblox metaverse with World of Discovery’s first game episode called “Bogart & Friends."  Kids and kids-at-heart can delve into this new, fun and exciting world where they can complete challenges and redeem special treats.

The main objective of the game is to find DSB's beloved mascot, Bogart the Bear. Players can collect items by completing tasks such as crossing the swimming pool, getting out of quicksand, or experiencing iconic DSB moments such as pool butler service and Boodle Fight. Prizes include coins for in-game items and badges that can be claimed to get actual prizes at the property for in-house guests.

Guests can play by themselves, meet fellow guests or make it a fun activity for friends and family. Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) through The World of Discovery, follows in the footsteps of pioneering companies like Nike and Chipotle in creating a virtual experience to connect with their customers. The game, “Bogart & Friends” is an interactive way to promote brand love by providing out-of-the box channels to entertain and engage with guests of various ages. As travel and leisure evolve through the tail end of the pandemic, DHC has taken the initiative to showcase its leadership through the design and development of new and exciting ways to showcase its hotels and restaurants.

So, whether in Boracay or not, guests can enjoy a visit to DSB virtually by playing Bogart & Friends. “It’s a new experience to take on, we invite everyone to download the Roblox app and search for “World of Discovery” so they can have a blast as we offer a virtual space in an iconic tourist destination in the country – the first of its kind in the Philippine hospitality industry,” shares Erwin Lopez, Hotel Manager of Discovery Shores Boracay.

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