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The online home for Better Choices now offers more perks and privileges!

The Goodwill Market not only makes it more convenient to order healthful products to fit different lifestyle needs, it now offers customers a better shopping experience with the exclusive E-Perks promo.


In celebration with its third anniversary, The Goodwill Market is offering up to 50% exclusive discounts to customers who will subscribe to the free online HealthStyle newsletter that is available on the website.  The first E-Perks promo program runs until June 30, 2022, and it offers exciting promos for the extensive array of premium healthy lifestyle products for the whole family.  

The Goodwill Market’s online catalogue features different categories of world-class products that include baby care, healthy snacks for kids, pantry items, immune-boosting health aids, skincare, and even household items. Each item is carefully vetted to ensure that they offer the best benefits.

With the E-Perks promo, online shopping at The Goodwill Market is not only super-easy with the safe and convenient doorstep delivery, the discounts you get from simply signing up for the monthly newsletter will help you enjoy more deals and discounts with your purchases.  Say hello to a healthier lifestyle with your favorite products, and find useful tips in the newsletter that can help fuel your passions and increase your resistance against the stress of the daily grind.

The Goodwill Market is an e-commerce platform from Dyna Drug Corporation that was launched with a mission to give Filipino consumers a one-stop-shop for better health and wellness choices. Alternatives. “By offering the E-perks promo to celebrate our third anniversary, we are giving our customers more access to products that promote holistic wellness and sustainability, along with information from our e-newsletter and in-site lifestyle articles that can help them make heathy lifestyle choices for themselves and their loved ones,” says Kit Santos, Digital Commerce and Marketing Head

To find out more about The Goodwill Market E-Perks promo and to stay updated for the E-Perks Part 2 run in July, visit and follow its official social media pages. 

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