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A healthy home is indeed a happy home!


As a mom, I always have to be mindful and alert even when the restrictions are easing up. We can never be sure as disease-causing germs are still around and may affect vulnerable members of your family.

We can transmit disease-causing germs indoors if we do not properly disinfect and sanitize every time. So I make sure to prepare Biogenic Alcohol in every corner of our home to help keep #ProtectionAlwaysOn anytime, anywhere! 

Biogenic is always a part of our family’s essentials for our out-of-town trip! I keep a bottle of Biogenic Alcohol 330mL spray inside our vehicle for a sure on-the-go protection against harmful germs and viruses!

On the lookout for bundles to help keep #ProtectionAlwaysOn? Keep your family safe and healthy with Biogenic Alcohol. 

BIOGENIC Alcohol is a complete disinfectant, sterilizer, cleanser, and general antiseptic for everyday all around use. Ideal for body massage, rubdown and sponge bath.

Get you 
Solution Spray 330ml
Solution Spray 50ml
Ethyl Alcohol 500ml


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