Charlie Agatep wins IABC Asia Pacific 2022 Communicator of the Year Awards

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 Grupo Agatep Chairman and CEO is first Filipino Executive Leader to receive the award

Grupo Agatep Chairman and CEO Charlie Agatep was named 2022 Communicator of the Year under Executive Leader category at the recently-concluded International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Asia Pacific 2022 Communicator of the Year Awards. The winners were announced via Facebook livestream on April 26, Tuesday.

Agatep is a veteran of the Philippine PR industry and is considered to be the “Godfather of Philippine PR”. After the formation of his integrated marketing communications agency, Grupo Agatep, Agatep continued to facilitate award-winning campaigns, and was given recognition by different local and international award-giving bodies. He is the first Filipino to nab the IABC title which honors the most outstanding communication professionals in the Asia Pacific Region who have demonstrated strategic leadership and excellence in the field of communication.

“I am highly honored to be given this Communicator of the Year Award. It represents the triumph of honest communication over dishonest propaganda,” said Agatep. “The task of communication is to spread the truth for social change; to provide truthful information to citizens in order for them to be free and self-governing; to make the truth truly meaningful; and to render an entire population receptive to it, ready to secure its benefits and apply them to our daily life.”

The IABC Asia Pacific Communicator of the Year Awards has two categories, Executive Leader and Senior Communication Professional. The recipient of this year’s Communicator of the Year Award under the Senior Communication Professional is Aniisu Verghese, Ph.D. of India. 

According to IABC Asia Pacific Chair James Howe, the winners have inspired many people in the industry over the course of their long careers.

“As we recognize these excellent individuals in the field of communications, we also hope that other communication professionals will be inspired by their example and emulate them. In IABC, we believe in being stronger together, and these awards are the perfect way to build a circle of excellence that we need for all communication professionals in the Asia Pacific,” said Howe.

On the other hand, IABC Asia Pacific Recognition Director Kane Errol Choa said the winners exemplify the high standards, dedication, values, and longevity of communication professionals who truly shine in this field.

“We wish to instill in our community the same qualities that our winners have exhibited in their successful careers. Through these awards, IABC Asia Pacific demonstrates its commitment to honoring excellent communication leaders who bring positive change to our society,” said Choa.

To watch the announcement of this year’s IABC Asia Pacific Communicator of the Year Awards, please visit this link: Charlie Agatep also sat down with James Howe of IABC Asia Pacific for a one-on-one interview, the entire video is here: For more information about Grupo Agatep, please visit You may also like and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

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