7 cold and cough remedies that work fast, thanks to Vicks

Battling the common cold and cough can be extra difficult this time of the year most especially for children because the cold season has already begun.
But whether you have a slight cough, sore throat or just the sniffles, these fast remedies that you can do at home MIGHT do the trick. You probably know some of these or some might still be new to you, nonetheless these cold and cough remedies can help you feeling like your old self again. Say bye bye to Mr. Sniffles!
When it comes to the common cold and cough, it turns out that Vicks really does know best. 
Vicks products has been a staple in our home, a remedy for tough colds which for me is gentle, fast, and effective.

Before I share to you the list, please consult your doctor if symptoms don't improve after 5 to 7 days, or if you have a chronic underlying medical condition, especially heart disease or a chronic respiratory illness such as asthma.

1. Vicks VapoCool 2-in-1relief

We all know that menthol is widely used to relieve minor throat irritation. Vicks VapoCool is a specially formulated throat drop that will have a cooling relief and give active throats 2-in-1 cooling and refreshing relief with a burst of extra cooling “Levo-menthol” that provides icy cooling sensations.
This handy throat drop comes in 3 candy flavors:
Original Menthol
Butter Menthol
This is suitable for ages 2 and up. 

2. Vicks Formula 44 Cough Control

Now you can break down dry cough with this Vicks Dry Cough solution. It contains dextromethorphan hydrobromide, a cough suppressant that provides quick and long-lasting relief from dry cough for up to 6 to 8 hours. Vicks Dry Cough Solutions will warm and calm that overworked, coughed-out throat.
Please consult your doctor first before taking this. This is suitable for ages 6 and up.

3. Vicks VapoRub (Available in four pack sizes: 5 gm | 10 gm | 25 gm | 50gm)

You probably heard about this a long tiume ago. One of your Grandma's or Mom's oldest remedies for congestion and the easiest to do. Inhaling steam with Vicks VapoRub used as MEDICATED VAPOUR, helps decongest you because it gets mucus moving. That's important because bacteria flourish when mucus gets stuck in your nose, sinuses, or chest.
You may repeat this up to four times a day but discard bowl contents each time (do not reheat) & supervise the kids.

You can also use this as a RUB ON MASSAGE for temporary relief from DRY COUGH and MINOR MUSCULAR ACHES due to colds.
You can also rub Vicks VapoRub on the soles of the feet then cover it with warm , dry socks to relieve dry cough as well.
Vicks VapoRub contains cough suppressants. So if you want a very good night’s sleep for the whole troop, gently apply VVR on chest and throat before bedtime to silence coughs.

4. Vicks Inhaler

This is economical, compact and effective, and has been giving fast and temporary “mobile” relief from nasal congestion due to colds.
It soothes clogged noses and easily fits in the smallest of pockets.

You can use this as often as needed. Inhale medicated vapors through a nostril while holding the other nostril closed. Inhale deeply to make breathing feel clear and cool.

5. Sleep..a lot!

Getting enough sleep helps the immune system to get stronger. Try wearing eye masks, also known as sleep masks, that can naturally help you sleep faster ... and stay asleep.
Just try to get plenty of rest, especially while you have a cold, cough or flu. Rest helps your body fight infection.

6. Hydrate..a lot!

Did you know that getting extra fluids thins out mucus and makes it less sticky, which makes it easier blow or cough out? I read it from the WebMD. Try to limit your drinks with caffeine and alcohol, as they can be dehydrating.
Drown yourself..not with sorrow but with water. LOL

7. Drink Tea

Homemade warm liquids like broth, lemon water and herbal teas help boost the immune system. Warm liquids are also highly soothing when you are barking like a dog. Teas are good for sinus trouble and congestion.

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