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"Mom, what’s wrong with her?"
My 8 year old daughter asked me while I was editing pictures for my Scarvivor blog post.

I was hesitant to answer her at first but then she asked again.
"What's wrong with her mom?"
"She has a scar because she got hurt darling, inside a burning disco house years ago. But it's nothing to be scared of," I said as I continued typing the story.
She was silent all throughout.

Scars may be a reminder of pain and tragedy. It may be scary to look at for some. However, scars also a sign of healing wounds.
I was grateful to attend an advocacy event recently about healing and recovering and living.

At the Scarvivor event, stories were heard from 6 courageous individuals who suffered from the pain of having severe scars but on their way towards healing.
It is an advocacy from the country's leading scar management brand Contractubex, in support of the burn centers of the Philippines, and the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. mission.
Contractubex® is a highly effective scar management gel at P784
This is actually something new and first in the Philippines.
I believe no one has put so much concern and effort towards burn patients. Most especially to those patients with life long scars.
While watching their videos during the advocacy launch, I could not help but feel super emotional. One Scarvivor story that struck me the most was from the Ozone Disco tragedy.
Remember that horrifying incident years ago? Back in 1996 I think?
Some patients have lost their lives to that tragedy. Some lost their siblings. Patients have stayed in the hospital for 4 to 5 months. Others stayed with them for 3 years. 2 patients even attempted to end their lives. That's how difficult it was for them. It's a big emotional concern.
"Hindi ka lang scarred physically , pati yung self-esteem mo natamaan. Nung time na yun , I did not want people looking at my scars. Ngayon, I know there's more about me that my scars," shares Sherilyn Bruan, a survivor of the Ozone Disco fire.
They went though a lot but for them to come out in public to share their experiences is very inspirational indeed.  A lot of hardships and problems were encountered by them while in the process of healing. But it is good to know that there are products available in the market which can alleviate their suffering.
Scars is a natural thing and sometimes cannot be prevented. But we want those scars to heal as fast as possible.
How do we do that?
Like I've said earlier, topical creams are now within reach. In order for the scars to have its maximal best appearance after a topical like Contractubex.

Did you know that for every purchase of Contractubex, burn patients from selected hospitals will be given recovery treatment?
This is in line with the company's advocacy in helping patients manage scars.

I learned some things you need to know and where you can go when you get burned.
The present state of burn care awareness in the Philippines is still inadequate and lacking. The more urbanized area maybe are up to date but those in the rural and other areas in the country still has a wide gap in terms of awareness.
Dr. Jose Joven Cruz, President of PAPRAS
In NCR, we already have 3 main centers which will take care of burn patients. At the Philippine General Hospital, they have their own burn unit located there. Also at Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center and East Avenue Medical Center. They also have in Davao which is the Southern Philippines Medical center. None in the Visayas area yet.
The Philippines now has improved since 1993 when it comes to burn awareness. Recently they have reported a mortality rate of only 4 to 5% which is comparable to to other countries.
Dr. Dorothy Dy Ching Bing, Burn Rehabilitation Consultant on burn centers in the Philippines
What's important here is the healing process, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Rehabilitation program is an integral part of burn care.
Even if they are still in a hospital, they have already provided activities for burn patients. Even if the wounds are still fresh, some degree of rehabilitation will be initiated. To institute some degree of exercises for them, which is suitable for patients who just suffered burn. The program will gradually progress in accordance to their development. Until such time they are out of the hospital, even when they are still at home. You can see that there is a long term treatment and care.
Moving on is always knowing when and where to start.
As people continue to ask the origin of their scars, they will begin to learn the power of both vulnerability and courage.
It's never too late to move on.
Scars is a forever thing for some, however, it can also signify the sign of healing when we decide to fight scars and live beyond the experience.
They maybe scarred by life, but they are now living to the fullest because they chose to fight and they did not let scars bring them down.
They are the Scarvivors.

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Quick facts about Contractubex®
The Contractubex has Allantoin, Heparin, Allum extract. So what it does is that it moisturizes the inside of the scar and if it still fresh, it will heal faster and lighten the scars.
Unfortunately it cannot work for old scar which is 6 months to 1 year from wounding.
So, ideally, Contratubex should be applied once the wound has healed, 2 to 3 times a day for at least a minimum of 2 months to be able to see the results.

It cannot be used on stretchmarks. When the skin is stretched, the cells underneath the skin is destroyed. It cannot be treated with Contractubex.

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