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“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted.” -Garrison Keillor

Indeed, nothing is wasted. There's no such thing as overdoing it because kids grow up so fast and before you know it, they're all adults. Time is terrifyingly fast and sometimes we tend to spend too much of the present anxious to reach the future, and when we get there, what do we do? We wonder where the time went.
My dad passed away when I was in college but he spent most of his time with us. He was with us all the time and I truly appreciate all he did for us back then. And now it seems I spend much of my time trying to recreate the joy I myself experienced as a kid.

Even if I was too little to know or appreciate it and even if I was in a bad mood, I believe I am a better mother because I was exposed to so many good things. I commit to raising my 3, whether they appreciate it or not–similarly.

So, why do I say these things?
I got a bit sentimental when recently I received a gift from UFC that will make bonding time with the kids more fun and colorful.
This would make them appreciate my time with them more and because my kids can be terribly picky when it comes to food also, these will help them terribly. The food needs to be pleasing to the, to their eyes.

Finally, our favorite catsup brand UFC Tamis-Anghang Banan Catsup, introduces the new UFC Color Crazee Catsup that is made available in four fun, exciting colors!




Each bottle has an easy twist-off bottle cap and easy squeeze bottle making it effortless for the kids. But you need to removed the inner seal first. It can be done using your finger or a knife.
Now, you can mix the colors to create new ones! See how colorful they are? The young and the young-at-heart are sure to love the fact that it is the same UFC Tamis Anghang Banan Catsup blend, just in different colors. All ingredients are FDA approved and safe for consumption.
You can get this for a limited time only so make sure to buy this immediately in leading supermarkets nationwide. 150g singles are priced at 15 pesos and 58 pesos for the cute box set that includes all 4 colors.
UFC Color Crazee Catsup indeed is a fun and colorful way to bond with my brats. They tried making an edible monster out of a hotdog bun and I think it was a success. Another one they did was Pacman from the movie Pixels. How cool is this, eh?
Don't be surprised if kids start asking for second helpings of food come mealtime , just for a chance to add more catsup to their food before devouring it.

So, what shared family activities did you most appreciate as a child, and what childhood memories are you helping to create today?

You can create memories also by using these awesome UFC Color Crazee Catsups!
Do not forget to share your edible art here okay?
Use the hashtag #UFCColorCrazeeCatsup when you have a successful and crazee edible art creations :)

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