Winners announced for the #MothersBest #CookMagazine Cook Academy-Asian Fusion Festival

In line with the 15th year anniversary of the number 1 cooking magazine in the Philippines, Cook Magazine, along with Mother's Best , conducted a cooking demo and a lecture, as well as cooking competition for the 5 teams from Our Lady of Fatima University last week.

Mother's Best has started all the way back in 1970's and the only product in the market was the Mother's Best hot sauce. I remember it was a staple in our home growing up and I always loved the distinctive smell of it. It’s funny how nothing really changed (well maybe the look? Not really). Whenever I see this at home it brings back happy memories. My dad loved anything spicy on his food. When dad was still alive, mom would create exciting dishes, both old and new, which she got from Ah-Mah, using Mother's best products.
Most products of Mother's Best are truly intended not only for mothers but for the young professional career women and MEN. Yes, MEN. I see a lot of men nowadays would buy Mother's Best BBQ Marinade for their Sunday family grill day. My husband is actually a better cook than me. He was more excited when he saw our kitchen stash I got from the recent Cook Academy held at Our Lady of Fatima University, all thanks to Cook Magazine and Mother's Best :)
The Cook Academy- Asian Fusion Festival and seminar attracted the enthused participation of the students, particularly those from the College of Hospitality and Institutional Management (CHIM).

The college boasts of comprehensive programs in all related disciplines, and Mr. Reynaldo H. Carandang Jr., program head of CHIM agrees that participation by culinary students will further hone their skills and creativity: 
“Student’s exposure to various culinary contests allows them to enhance their confidence and be more competent in their field of expertise. They are also made abreast of culinary trends and innovations. The exposure provides an opportunity for them to interact with industry practitioners providing them tips and advice in getting first hand information from the experts.”
Before the competition, Cook Magazine 's very own Editor-in-Chief, Chef Dino Datu, demonstrated his cooking and plating skills. He made a yummy Black Pepper Crab using Mother's Best Oyster Sauce and Mother's Best Soy Sauce.

Cook magazine also gave away prizes courtesy of Masflex. Students worked with stoves provided by Fujidenzo. Some gift certificates and 3 years subscription of Cook Magazine were given to students as well.
Chef Winston Luna also conducted a seminar on food related Entrepreneurships, and the students showcased their culinary skills in the cooking competition afterwards.

“Student chefs can provide us new exciting recipes for our products as well as possible new sauces which they can formulate using their own creativity and knowledge they got from the school and their other experiences,” explains Gabriel A. Reyes, Assistant General Manager of HDR Foods Corporations, the company that produces the Mother’s Best Brand.




And the ultimate winners for the Cook Academy - Asian Fusion Festival are 
Their yummy winning entries?

For the appetizer, it's the Bracing Pomelo Salad

For the main Course #1, it's Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls

For their main Course #2, it's Baked Seafood Stuffed Avocado 

And now, I'm hungry. LOL

This event is something that Mother’s Best intends to be just the first of many because investing in the youth is something they believe in. 
“It is important to work with them and build the relationship with them while they are young,” says Reyes. 
“These young chefs will be the future driving force of our restaurants industry as well as the future chefs of their respective home kitchen, and we want them to patronize Mother’s Best both in their future careers and at home.”

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