Why I love the newest AUB Easy MasterCard

Honestly speaking, I never owned a credit card nor ever will I own one in the future.
For most mothers like me, the idea of getting into debt is more terrifying rather than having a root canal without any anesthesia. My husband explained the importance of having one but would end up cutting up the credit cards, and withholding from it totally. I had never activated the card and I have no intentions on using those cards back then. BUT now that I have this on my hand, we'll see!

Although we know relying on credit cards is a false step, there are still reasons why some should not discontinue using credit cards. When you know how to use it sensibly, a credit card won’t result in a tragic way and can, in fact, offer several financial benefits instead.
Good thing there is the newest AUB Easy MasterCard which was recently revealed, that is something to look forward to in the credit card market.
This latest addition to AUB's family of innovative products that lets you realize that you are in full control.
Lets you be in control of when, how much, and how often you want to pay your credit card. This allows you to have a choice on how often you want to pay.
Indeed, AUB, the banking arm of the Rebisco group, has a solid reputation of leveraging on technology to deliver seamless banking experience for its customers.

How it works?

  • When you apply a AUB credit card, they will ask you if you want to pay monthly, semi-monthly or weekly.
  • Cardholders can choose exactly when to pay. If monthly for example, they can choose from day 1 to day 30th of the month as the due date. You can choose 750 to a higher 3000 pesos with a limit of 7500 for the 750 and 30000 for the 3000. If you choose semi-monthly, choose from the predefined sets of payment dates. As some people get their salaries or commissions on a weekly basis, choose the the weekly payment. Any day from Monday to Sunday as the due date. 
  • You can choose from affordable fixed monthly, semi-monthly and weekly payments where amount due is same every payment due date regardless of the total transaction within cut-off date.

Because they want to address the fact that there is no bill shock, right on the onset , they will ask you on how much are you willing to pay every month.
This is not system generated let me remind you. It is decided upon by you.
Of course, anything less will have an interest. But with a low interest rate of 2.95%, that is 3.5 average in the market. So ,if you choose weekly or semi monthly, your interest will be a portion.

The theory behind this is that they want to inject credit management for clients. The income will not be the main determining factor of the credit limit. The primary consideration in awarding the credit is the capacity to pay.

For example, if you spend the whole 10,000, you will complete the payment within the year. Everything is transparent.

For the the next month, they will launch AUB credit cards with higher limit. Plus they will release Easy Red , Gold and Platinum.

The AUB Easy MasterCard is also fully loaded and comes with an exciting rewards program, electronic statement, and an "ALL-UR-BILLS" feature that lets cardholders charge utility bills to the card.
The card also is EMV chip-enabled that will protect you from face-to-face transaction.
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) says that all banks will be chip-enabled by 2017, so they are issuing their cards day 1 on chip already.
They've added another layer of protection for online transaction which is the MasterCard 3D Secure, so when the cardholder transact online, you will now receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile phone. You will then be asked to encode the OTP in the check out counter.

Since the card bears the MasterCard logo, AUB Easy MasterCard cardholders can enjoy global acceptance, take advantage of local and international MasterCard promotions, and use their card in retail outlets in more than 210 countries over 24 million establishments, as well as online shopping sites that accept MasterCard.
For the Rewards Program, the card will earn 1 Rewards point for every 20pesos spend that never expires, that can be redeemed with GCs, airline tickets, travel packages. They have partnered with Asia Travel to be able to deliver that service. When you visit their website, which is http://www.aub.com.ph/ ,they have a link exclusive to AUB cardholders where they can purchase the tickets online.

This September / October, they will come out with online banking for the cardholders' convenience, where you can check your balance and stuff, So you'll know how much to pay and when to pay. No hassle.

We all know that the majority of us are working and busy moms so no time to drop by AUB branches, so they have also partnered with SM Malls, 7Eleven, and other EC Pay partners to be able to pay 24/7.

So, there.
I love the idea of having AUB EASY MasterCard as my everyday partner that will not hassle me in terms of payment, but providing me with real solution instead.
It will not only change the way I perceive and use credit cards, but it will definitely be a game changer in the credit card industry.

For more information on AUB EASY MasterCard, call and visit

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