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I came across this article not so long ago from my favorite magazine Cosmopolitan, about choosing the right product for your most intimate part.
It also said that .."The vag should have a pH (or acidity level) of 3.5-4.5, which means there is enough lactobacilli, as in good vagina bacteria, and no overgrowth of bad bacteria that can cause odor, irritation, or even bacterial vaginosis (which is actually the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge).
Some sources claim that your period can put your ladyparts out of whack, since blood has a pH level of 7.4, and so can having sex, since semen has a pH level of 7-8. "

It indeed sounded pretty serious.
We need to find a perfect partner "down there" with the right pH.

Back then, I thought I was already using the right product..  The harshness of the said product did an awfully great job, making it..well..awfully darker. Not the right pH, I guess. I thought using it was enough. I then started to realize further that I get itchiness and dryness more than other people do and decided to go for a feminine wash that was tried and tested and made just for sensitive skin. 
I love how this best-selling feminine wash pH Care have an intimate understanding of the importance of using natural ingredients for our most sensitive part, our bikini area. It’s important to make sure that what we ingest or apply onto our skin is something that won’t harm us. 
Everyone’s going all-natural these days, whether we’re talking about organic food, health supplements from plant and animal extracts, and even personal care and beauty products.
And the all-new pH Care Naturals line introduces two variants: pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava.

pH Care Naturals Papaya
There are a lot of factors that can influence a woman’s confidence when it comes to donning that swimsuit, including puson problems and cleavage consciousness. But one other common insecurity many us women have is dark skin in and around the bikini area, and this is something we can feel self-conscious about even in the comfort and privacy of our own rooms and bathrooms. 
And while there are many products for whitening dark skin in other parts of the body, most of these aren’t safe or suited for use in intimate areas. 
Now, pH Care has a new whitening feminine wash that uses natural ingredients, so we can keep the sensitive area fresh and fair. 
The new pH Care Naturals Papaya cleanses the bikini area while the papaya extract, added to its formulation, aids in skin-whitening, so you get fairer skin in as early as 14 days.

pH Care Naturals Guava
Even if you’re not overly concerned with dark skin, you may still want a feminine wash made from natural ingredients that will still keep your intimate area fresh and clean. After all, in a hot country like ours, sweat can lead to discomfort, even body odor, and infection—and it’s worse when it involves the bikini area! But no need to worry; pH Care Naturals Guava has been specially infused with guava leaf extract, which is well-known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties over the years.
Guava or Bayabas is really a remarkable plant.
I remember after I gave birth, my hubby would get Guava Leaves then boils it and I used it as vaginal wash. It heals birth wounds faster and is really soothing and smells awesome.
So if you’re constantly seeking for natural solutions “down there,” then give pH Care Naturals a try. It will naturally deodorize the area so you can feel confident regardless of outfit, activity, or even weather.

The NEW! pH Care Naturals variants are available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores.

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