A Modern and Eco-Friendly Resting Place

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A sea of people in crowded cemeteries and congested memorial parks . . . this is the usual sight that greets us each time we head for the resting places of our dear departed family and kin on Nov. 1 and 2 each year.
Add to this the tedious task of cleaning and maintaining their gravesites and we start to wonder if there are other loving, less traditional—but more convenient—ways we can honor their memories.
Thankfully, Filipinos have become increasingly inclined to consider the columbarium as practical and more sustainably sound resting places for our dearly departed—options that also give us a chance to make a lasting and positive impact on the environment.
A columbarium is a modern facility where the cremated remains are placed in urns that are safely stored in spacious vaults. While traditional burial involves extensive land use and requires expensive caskets and headstones, a columbarium is a vertical structure that minimizes the need for space—space that the world of the living would have better use for.
For instance, at the soon-to-rise Aeternitas Chapels and Columbarium on Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, more than 45,000 niches can store as many as four urns each. No need for the vast spaces used up by memorial parks and cemeteries. Instead, the nine-storey Aeternitas will feature serene pocket gardens, a glass center ceiling that allows natural light to pass through, 15 premier memorial chapels, and 2 grand memorial chapels within the facility—positioning itself as the gold standard in the health care industry in the Philippines.

Health and sanitation

While the columbarium has presented itself as a modern, cost-efficient, and environment-friendly resting place, many are still concerned about environment and sanitation issues, especially those who reside near columbarium facilities and funeral chapels.
This explains why there is a need to correct the misconception that funeral services pollute the water supply in an area. For instance, Aeternitas, which is strategically located beside St. Peter’s Shrine of Leaders and the proposed Don Antonio and Batasan stations of the MRT-7, has its own water supply line that only the columbarium has access to. Water only flows out from its source and cannot flow back.
Aeternitas also has its own Water Treatment System wherein wastewater is collected and treated daily. The process involves adding oxygen in removing harmful gases and chemicals. In this stage, we wait for the solid waste to settle. After settling, chlorine is added to disinfect and control the odor. Treated water can then be reused inside the building, while the solid wastes are being picked up for hauling.
Yes, in death as in life, we all want to leave a legacy of good deeds and pleasant memories—thoughts that our loved ones will happily remember us by. When the time comes for us to go, we may consider a “green” funeral that will leave our environment in a better condition than the one we were born in.
For more information, contact Aeternitas at 625-0955 or 09171157793; or email them at info@aeternitaschapels.com.

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