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I lived in a small village in Manila for the early years of my life. There were fun fun things I remember as a child while I lived there. Waking up with the sun shining directly on my face in an upstairs room and plus a lolly in my hand. Yep. A lolly. In the morning. As a nostalgia nut, there’s nothing like the 80s. Indeed, it was a superior year for me. I actually spent time with friends and family members playing Atari with a lolly in my mouth.
I've loved candies and lollipops back then, and I still love them today.
You have no idea how happy I was when I got an invite to attend a super mega launch and saw things from the past. A childhood favorite turns 60, how cool is that?

Chupa Chups, an iconic confectionery brand enjoyed in over 150 countries, celebrates its birthday the #ForeverFun way. As a homage to the roots of the brand, a 1950s themed party was organized in Bonifacio High Street on November 9, 2018.
What started out as a playful solution to a messy candy eating kids ( me, included) who take their candies out and got stuck everywhere, has grown into a big iconic brand and until now, Chupa Chups is bringing Forever Fun in every way it can.

Together with the launch of their global campaign, Chupa Chups want everyone to experience what Forever Fun is all about - enjoying fun, the fun that you had and remembered during childhood but re-imagined as your life as a teen, as a young adult. And Chupa Chups will remind you that even when you grow up, Chupa Chups will keep the inner kid in you alive.
Further excitement was made when a big surprise was announced during the event. To add even more fun to the brand’s classic lollipops, unique gums, and colorful jellies, the newest Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly was made available for the first time in Southeast Asia.
The Super Mega Lolly is Chupa Chups’ biggest product offering to date. It resembles a giant lollipop, inside are 40 assorted-flavored lollipops that just keep the fun going. “In line with the brand’s 60th birthday, we wanted to do something really big. So, to kick off the new global positioning of Forever Fun in the Philippines, the Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly is definitely perfect for the job,” said Denise Opulencia, Chupa Chups Brand Manager.

Eugen Soriano, PVM Trade Marketing Manager and Digital Lead, adds, “For the launch of Super Mega Lolly, we decided to partner with Shopee because we share the same vision of constantly innovating and being where our consumers are. In today’s modern world, there’s no other way but to go digital.”
Thanks to the leading mobile shopping platform in Southeast Asia, they continue to open their ways to their consumers, giving access to their full range of fun, exciting, and unique products. Since Filipinos love to search the best deals online, with shopee, they will be able to provide further customers a fun , safe, and convenient way for them to search their favorite products online.

With the addition of the Super Mega Lolly in its portfolio, Chupa Chups proves once again that it is more than a brand; it is a modern icon.

Chupa Chups Super Mega Lolly is exclusively available on Shopee at an introductory price of PHP 550.

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  1. Gustong-gusto din po yan ng anak ko Ms.Erica kaya kapag pupunta kami sa grocery stores or 7-Eleven tatakbo na agad sya para kumuha ng chupa chups 😂


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