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On days when you see me running particularly low on energy, it means I'm low on carbs and that rice needs to rescue me. Who doesn't love rice? We are a family of big rice eaters at home and we won't last a day without eating a hot bowl of rice. I make sure I put the rice in a perfect container to put the bugs away. But since we just moved in to our new house, I'm still searching for the perfect dispenser.
Good thing, Asvel sent me the perfect partner in prolonging the shelf life of rice, maintaining its freshness. Asvel has found the perfect solution to that with their wide variety of rice dispensers.

Asvel offers an extensive lineup to suit any need with useful measuring functions, drawer-type rice bins that are convenient in modular kitchens, and airtight rice stockers to protect the contents from moisture and dust. It comes in three variants: automatic colored, automatic clear, and manual clear.

The automatic colored variant is an easy one-touch rice dispenser. It comes in a sleek design perfect for modern-themed kitchens. The measurements on its window will provide you accurate information on the level of rice left inside its container. This variant is available in 6kg (Code 7527- P3,499.75) and 12kg (Code 7528- P3,999.75).

The automatic clear variant is also an easy one-touch rice dispenser but boasts a clear exterior all throughout. It comes in a slim body with a top lid for an easy refill. It is available in 6kg (Code 7504 – P1,599.75) and 12kg (Code 7503 – P2,499.75).
Lastly, Asvel’s manual clear variant is perfect for those who prefer to keep rice in the fridge for an even longer shelf life. It comes in a slant bottom design and top opening for easy access when scooping out rice using its provided measuring cup. It also has an indicator on the body to show remaining rice quantity. This variant is made from PP material, BPA-free, and comes in 2kg (Code 7509 – P699.75), 6kg (Code 7505 – P1,199.75), and 12kg (Code 7506 – P1599.75).

Asvel also boasts of an array of Luntus lunch box sets which is perfect for your everyday baon. It keeps your family’s food warm, fresh, and ready to eat like a home-cooked meal even after a long day. Luntus price points start at  Small - P1,689.75 (Item # 3258), Medium - P2,109.75 (Item # 3260) and Large - P2,899.75 (Item #3256).
Asvel is currently available in Make Room, Rustans Department Stores, Cash & Carry, National Bookstore, and selected The SM Stores (SM Mall of Asia, Makati, Aura, Megamall, and North EDSA).

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