"Relaying The Message Of Improvement And Not Just Change. "| Meet Angelo De Alban

Although a disqualification case was handed down to him right before the meet and greet session with the media, he did not back down and he will not back down. Nuisance or not.
Advocate, Lawyer, Educator, Angelo De Alban will join the senatorial race unaffiliated with any political party. He felt he is more liberated as a lawmaker.
Honestly, I'm not into politics. Passed up my chance to vote even. Why? Because I have always believed that politicians would just promise you the moon and the stars when they will actually fail delivering said promises. And so every human being will be feeling disappointed and betrayed even.
But could new and younger players to enter politics be effective this time? We need actual change now. For Angelo De Alban, improvement is much needed than change.

Meet Senatorial candidate Angelo Castro De Alban. He was raised in Bulacan and grew up surrounded by people who are underprivileged. 
From a family of lawyers and teachers, grandfather is a lawyer while his grandmother is a public school teacher. His father is also a lawyer and his mother, a former flight stewardess and purser with Philippine Airlines, is now a public school catechist. All his three other siblings and sister-in-law are all teachers. 

He proceeded to attend the University of Santo Tomas for his Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism, Law and Masters of Law. While attending college, he was a member of the Chorale, varsity player for both basketball and football teams. He had his on-the-job training with The Manila Times. He was also a working scholar in UST and a part-time freelance ramp model during his college days. He also sold discount cards, writing articles for different magazines and rendering paralegal assistance to earn living. 
He was a writer for The Varsitarian, the official student publication of UST. He had his law on-the-job training with now Supreme Court Justice Lucas P. Bersamin. 

As a Lawyer: Angelo handles criminal and civil' cases around the country traveling to Cebu, Palawan and Cagayan De Oro regularly. He was the lawyer for a group of public school teachers in Laguna victimized by loan sharks and lawyered for at least 200 security guards and won almost Php 4 million settlement for them. 

As a Teacher: Angelo started teaching Philippine Constitution, Taxation and Tourism Laws in the University of Santo Tomas in 2008 up to the present. He married his former student. 

As a School Co-founder/Vice-President: In 2008, few months into teaching, Angelo co-founded with his family members a school for children with special needs. St. Philomena School: Kid‘s Comfort Zone, Inc. St. Philomena School is the only private school for special education recognized by the Department of Education in entire Bulacan. 
Albad does not have any political history but already lawyering to other politicians. Since his family owns a school for people with disabilities, they want an advocacy not only to for their education but also to enhance assisted living. He also talked about the TRAIN law implementation and how he can collaborate with both the opposition and administration as an independent party.

Even though we are overwhelmed with bitterness and hatred by living in a broken system, I've realized that there are still many decent candidates out there that needs to join the race and be elected to serve the country well.
A good starting point for politicians-to-be is to really listen to everyone and their needs and not be blinded by power which will eventually take us down the road of destruction.

Want to know more about Angelo Alban De Alban?
You may contact him through this numbers: O918-778-4048/0955-195-3454
You can E-mail him here: angelo@dealban.com

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