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Yes, there are more ride-hailing choices now for the frustrated commuter like me, since UBER. I sorely miss UBER. It makes travelling from point a to point b easier when I don't feel like driving my car. And it's way cheaper than GRAB. But with this traffic, you need an effective transport system. My friend says it works okay and definitely a lot faster if there is traffic.
Although I have yet to try ANGKAS, the fastest-growing motorcycle-hailing app service in the Philippines according to some, I'm not totally abolishing the idea. But motorcycle riders have one foot in the grave they take to the road, they say. 
We’ve all heard the tragic stories about critical patients who needed to be rushed to the hospital because of using a motorcycle and I don't want that to happen to me. My kids are my priority and I should stay healthy and alive for them all the time. 

Also, since I'm a germ-conscious person, I'm not considering wearing the passenger helmet as it's kinda iffy when you realize that so many other people have used it, too.
But if you think this will be the majority of your commute, it's best to buy your own helmet.
Now, they've celebrated their first anniversary with a grand on boarding activity for some 2,000 drivers, the Angkas Safety Fiesta hosted whole-day seminars for Defensive Riding, Emergency Disaster Response, Riders' Rights, Local Traffic Rules and Regulations, and Advanced Safety; as well as a bike competition and driver talent show.

Since launching the service in 2017, Angkas has provided free driver education to 60,000 motorcycle drivers, with 20,000 qualified drivers in their fleet across three urban hubs in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro.

They've also revealed their very first motorcycle ambulance service in the country.

Dubbed “Angkas Buhay," the groundbreaking ambulance service aims to provide first aid on-the-spot for emergency cases or immediate transport of doctors to the patient. In this regard, Angkas is inviting existing driver-partners and new sign-ups to join the pilot program in Metro Manila to train as volunteer paramedics.

Initially a collaboration between Angkas, Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges (OLGC), and Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (VRP) in Mandaluyong City, Angkas Buhay will pioneer an intensive training course for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-certified) drivers.
After undergoing training, qualified EMT drivers, armed with life-saving techniques aboard a specially designed ”ambucycle” fitted up with medical supplies and equipment, will be able to stabilize patients until secondary medical transport arrives.

Expected to go live towards mid-2019, Angkas Buhay will be featured through an in-app ”Emergency” button to match the EMT driver in close proximity to the patient.

Angkas Buhay is the latest initiative of the transport app in support of public safety. Displaying the ”ambucyle" prototype with a brief video trailer, 3 panel of speakers from Angkas and its key partners gave an overview of the project.

Angkas Operations Head David Medrana also took the opportunity to encourage drivers to register for the Angkas Buhay program, ”We welcome both new drivers and our current partners to become part of our elite EMT team. Angkas Buhay is accepting applications and we are looking forward to introducing our first batch of trainees to the public.” 

Rep. Castelo commended the ”ambucycle" for its civic-oriented innovation. ”We have seen how commuters have benefited from the safe, affordable,‘and convenient mode of transportation offered by the platform, and now we can also depend on Angkas to extend another valuable public service,” he stressed.

Because of the traffic gridlock and the cost of ambulance rides, many are sadly, dead on arrival. For some of us, this may even hit close to home, but what if Angkas could change all that?
They've recounted the heroism demonstrated by driver-partner Francis C. Belecario, who, last September 3, was instrumental in the rescue of wounded patroller, P01 Berlino L. Ricafort in Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City.

Cited for exceptional bravery and invaluable service to the community, Belecario was recognized by the Cebu City PNP for quick thinking and immediate response to the call of duty when he brought P01 Ricafort to the nearest hospital for treatment. Tham points out that were it not for Belecario on the Angkas platform, P01 Ricafort’s injuries might have proven life-threatening.

Truly an eye-opening moment. They've just started out with one mission, to help commuters beat the traffic, and for many, that is a lifesaver. Then they realized that they could go further as a public service, not only taking passengers where they need to go, but to hasten the arrival of medical attention for those needing urgent care.

Angkas Buhay strengthens the larger brand advocacy for safety: ”Angkas is steering 14 million motorcycle drivers to a safe and professional livelihood, and now with Angkas Buhay, the platform can also be a means for saving lives.”

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  1. Parehas po tayo ng nasa isip Ms. Erica takot din ako sumakay ng motor kasi nga ang daming pwedeng mangyari sa kalsada. Pero mukhang ok naman po ang angkas motor lalo na kapag emergency na talaga. Madalas din po kasing traffic.
    Yung asawa ko po sumasakay din sa motor, Habal-Habal po ata tawag doon kapag super traffic kasi malalate na sya sa work. Kaso nakakatakot kasi di naman ata sila legit kapag nadisgrasya ka walang insurance .


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