Japanese EdTech platform QUIPPER to power the first online open high school in the country

7:05 PM
QUIPPER, a Japan-based e-learning platform, has partnered with Little Me Academy to launch the Academe Philippine Online High School, the first online open high school in the country. This is an effort to provide an accessible, affordable online education to Filipinos in grades 7 through 10, and to build on QUIPPER's mission to provide education to students "in every corner of the world."
QUIPPER ensures a rigorous and engaging digital curriculum that is also aligned to Philippine's K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. Lessons are modular and are accessible anywhere and at anytime; thus, learners can work whenever they want and at their own pace.

As of last year, it was confirmed by the Philippine Statistics Authority that one in every ten Filipinos aged 6 to 24 is an out-of-school youth, which translates to around 3.9 million kids.
The APOHS aims to address a large portion of this number that lacks a high school education through its 100% online, accessible, affordable, and highly flexible online learning platform.
With its online structure, the APOHS ensures flexibility, accessibility, and affordability, qualities that must be present in a school ideal for the independent, 21st century Filipino learner.

"Today, Filipinos seeking high school education come from all sorts of backgrounds - local talents engaged in outside pursuits, children who frequently travel with their families, housebound or working students, and so much more," said Little Me Academy's Chief Education Officer, Teacher Ram Olandesca. "It is difficult or nearly impossible for the traditional, brick-and-mortar classroom to accommodate these learners. But in an online learning environment, these limitations - from location to physical ability, from availability to age - are overcome."

Although the program appeals to independent learners and builds on student freedom, instructors remain an integral part to the curriculum. Specially trained instructors and counsellors provide daily reminders, check-ins, tutoring, live instruction and corrective feedback to complement the digital curriculum provided by QUIPPER.

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