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Now, there's this question : Am I considered a bad parent if I travel alone, leaving the kids with my mother for a day or two? I've always wanted to pack my bags and discover the world, like, seriously.
Some say it’s important to care for yourself, so you can take good care of your family.
This is kinda true, I guess. Since my "work" sometimes require me to travel and need to be away from the kids for more than one day, I just need to learn now how to survive without them (for only temporary).
Now, I'm imagining this right now : The sound of waves crashing on the shore and the sunlight peeking through the window as I wake up on a lazy Saturday morning.
I slowly open my eyes, afraid that I'm just in the middle of a dream. But really not. I stand up as I feel the gentle sea breeze touch my face. I go out of the porch and look at the horizon. I take your time to enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and the deep sea. The yacht will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready, anyway.
OOooh! I want this!!

When you’re like me, who'd rather choose to put the money in the bank for the kids instead to travel budget, this place will likely make you wanna travel to Palawan or anywhere in the country, pronto!  Because that’s the promise of Avara Nature & Yacht Club—the easy life of the seaside.
Established by the Seaside Premier Development Corporation, Avara is the first of its kind nature and yacht club located at Calauag Bay in Taytay, which was Palawan’s first capital.

After many months of sailing and voyaging aboard bangkas and riding waves, we found the perfect island in Taytay, Palawan to be the home of our pioneering project. It is with a great pleasure to present to you tonight, Avara Nature and Yacht Club - the first of its kind in the Philippines, bridging the middle class to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. As Seaside Premier Development Corporation’s flagship project, we aim to redefine seaside living, where nature meets luxury,” she said in her opening remarks.

Coastal living redefined 

Avara, which means Sunshine Island, is an eco-luxurious resort that use solar panels as a source of renewable energy, utilize a recycled water treatment system, maximize a hydroponic garden, and take advantage of other eco-materials available.

Its accommodation is inspired by the Maldivian architecture. Members can choose to stay in a one-bedroom Water Villa with jacuzzi, two-bedroom Water Villa with private infinity pool, or one- or two-bedroom Beach Casitas.
Aside from the villas and casitas, Avara members will also have an exclusive access to a two-bedroom yacht with crew for an overnight stay or for cruising around the island and nearby areas. Avara’s yacht features two cabins and a family room in the lower deck; a living room, a kitchen and dining area, and a plunge pool in the main deck; and an open dining space and a sun deck in the fly bridge.

The Avara Island has nothing but the best facilities for its members. Guests will first experience the Avara service upon their arrival at the dock or the harbor. But the ultra-luxurious resort also has a helipad for those who will be coming in by air. VIPs also have the option to skip the reception and go straight to their accommodation.

There will also be a boardwalk open for development to entrepreneurial Avara member. Meaning, Avara members can also be concessionaires to open their own business—it could be a coffee shop, a grocery store, a bakery, a souvenir stop, and similar ventures. As support to the member-concessionaires, Avara will ensure that the business will be the island’s lone supplier for the specific product.
The island can also accommodate as many as 100 guests at their main dining area and at the grill restaurant. But guests will have more dining options since Avara includes a poolside bar, a seaside bar and lounge, picnic areas, and private dining venues.

Avara is fully equipped with a gym, a water sports center, a tennis court, and a golf course to those who want to keep up with their fitness routine.

The island also has a playroom and nursery, spa and massage cabanas, a bonfire area, a clinic with an in-house doctor and nurse, and a gaming area for the enjoyment of the Avara members.

At any given time, Avara will host up to 300 members to ensure quality service.

As a promised paradise for those who love the beach, Avara offers a myriad of water action such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, banana boat riding, stand-up paddle boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, island hopping, and fishing in coordination with neighbor islands. The resort also provides options for on land activities like trekking, biking, and vegetable picking.
There are also a lot of activities that Avara members can enjoy outside its vicinity. After all, Taytay, Palawan boasts of picturesque sites like the Canique Waterfalls, the Lake Manguao, the Irrawaddy Dolphins in Malampaya Sound, the Fuerza de Santa Isabel, and the Church of Santa Monica. Taytay is also hope to a paradise-like hidden valley that gives tourists a bird’s eye view of the pristine, idyllic coastal areas of the municipality.

Avara Nature & Yacht Club will formally open its shores in the summer of 2020

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  1. Wow super ganda ng lugar 😍 napakaswerte po ninyo Ms.Erica at nakakapunta po kayo sa ganyang kagandang lugar.


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