This Delivery Service Is Perfect For The Holidays

"Who will buy the cake? Are the gifts ready? How are you going to be at one party to the other at the same time?"
The Holidays are almost here and everyone's throwing a party to celebrate the year with family and friends, including me!  And if this momma isn’t already overloaded, I can include the kids to triple the to-do list by infinity.
Actually, it’s not so bad-----when you got, well, extra pair of hands! Apparently, this single-parent-on-weekdays momma needs clones. Moms like me are swamped with chores, work, kids, life and I have these “Omg, it’s already 5pm, I have to pick up the kids, but no dinner yet” moments. That feeling is never okay at any time of year, especially on Holidays!

Yes, let's not forget about the holiday rush everyone has to go through, not just us moms. We dread heavy traffic and long queues during the most hectic time of the year. That’s where delivery services come in.
Honestbee has got you covered by getting quality groceries delivered fresh and crave-worthy food to your doorstep in less than an hour. They will even deliver gift items this festive season. You can even have a whole lechon delivered! How cool is that?
Momma-friendly delivery services like Honestbee will leave your last minute Christmas worries bee-hind ( and when you can barely find time to shower). You can check out the hundred merchants under the Christmas Offerings Category on the Honestbee App.

Transform your dining area into a haven of desserts from the country's best as Honestbee partners with the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Best Desserts:

Valerie's Kitchen offers yummy signature cinnamon rolls and rum cake.
Nic's Gourmet Desserts are the makers of the famous Choco Towers.
Jud's makes legendary fruitcakes and many more.

Paleovore creates chocolate cookies made from scratch.
Cuerva Bakeshop is the home of the award-winning Mango Torte and Honey Cake.
Marie Bakery and Cafe is famous for Pistachio cheesecakes.

Gigi Gaerlan Custaroons - Manila for a Reach-for-another goodness.
Have a scoop and chill at Fog City Ice Cream
La Brazzoria de Lasevil loved the half a century of Brazo de Remedios

Ann Puno's Kitchen is all about cakes to share.
Bellefleur by Beatrix creates modern twists to the classic desserts.
Gina Vi has a new take on leche flan.

What's for Dessert? is known for freshly baked goodies straight from the kitchen of Valerie Sotto.
Aging's Food Delight makes the Best Suman and Homemade Delicacies.

For bigger celebrations and potlucks, also available are party platters from Cyma, Wu's Kitchen, Rolls Republic, Benjong's Bagnet, and the juicy whole lechons from the likes of Elar's and General's.

Take the hassle out of shopping and order ready-made holidays gift sets, as S&R , Robinson's and Marketplace by Rustan's have rounded up their best items to create gift baskets for everyone on your list. You can also kiss the stress of last minute gift shopping goodbye as items from Hobbes and lanes, Plush and Play, Hamley's and Shop Central can als be found and ordered from the app!

Now, I ask you this : Anyone still struggling to plan Christmas? Raise your hand!
Honestbee will guarantee you to save you time and make you look like Santa wearing a cape.

Mommas, Honestbee app is downloadable and FREE ! Find it on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and the sign up will only take a few minutes.

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