Movies for April 2015 :)

As usual, Erica2.0 will go into hibernation mode starting this Wednesday night, suspending all my stuff and things to do , as i am gearing up for our annual Holy Week getaway with the Shrek family and with the in-laws.
For any mom, whether a first-timer or not, leaving the house is always filled with SOS moments.
One should always be prepared and should always seek a few words of advice from been-there, done-that moms.
Eventually ,you'll find yourself sailing along with ease.
Holy week is one of the busiest times but i'm happy i made a reservation the last minute.
Anyway, my good friend Matt, sent me the list of movies for the month of April , so make sure when you return from hibernation after Holy Week , to have a movie date again with the whole family.

I'm truly excited for the movie line-up for April because of the child-friendly ones ready to rock the cinema world!
April is kids' month, i guess :)

So , just keep calm, enjoy and have a great week!


(SM Cinema Exclusive) SINE ASIA

(Ayala Cinemas Exclusive)



(Ayala Cinemas Exclusive)

(SM Cinema Exclusive) SINE ASIA

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