WingStop has landed at Glorietta 2

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Chicken is the most popular main dish I serve for lunch and dinner in our household.
Seriously, we are chicken addicts!

I actually like the wing, thigh and leg meat myself ,but mostly it's the wing part. Same goes for my kids.
The breast meat can get quite dry and is much easier to overcook than dark meat.
Same with pork I guess, unless it has a decent amount of fat on it.

As a child, I used to dislike fatty meat, but as an adult cooking for me and my family, I started to appreciate the taste more.
I despised chicken breasts so luckily for me, it also means I can get thighs, drumsticks and wings cheaper.
So what to do when I can't or won't put on a full, home-cooked meal?
Go to the nearest , decent restaurant with the kids. 

Good thing, the wing expert has landed in the Philippines in 1994, with the idea of serving the ultimate buffalo-style chicken wings. Yey!
I was fortunate enough to experience Wingstop's 9 crave-worthy flavors during the opening of their 9th branch at Glorietta 2.
The night was filled with music, celebration, and a whole lot of flavor!
Wingstop is a delicious change up on the traditional buffalo chicken wing, although I absolutely have NOTHING against the classic. 
With 9 flavors in their current roster and one more coming right around the corner, each Texas-sized wings has its own unique way of being remembered ( and now i'm drooling ).

Let me introduce to you those crave-worthy flavored wings that are always fresh and fried to perfection. 
F.Y.I , their wings are cooked-to-order and never under heated lamps.
The Louisiana Rub has a deep south Cajun and garlic spices that made this a bit citrus-y yet hot on the taste buds.
Simply addictive.

Lemon Pepper is unique in flavor because they are citrus-y, but not overly so.
There is an amount of sweetness and stickiness that makes you crave for more.
Mild Buffalo, well, nothing mild about it.
It has that classic buffalo spirit without the sweaty brow.

This, my friend, is the Atomic, a combination of sauce, sweat and tears!
Seriously, for those who love a good, hot chicken wing, choose this.
So much spice and a bit sweet makes an Atomic. A punch in the mouth.
Hickory Smoked BBQ is smoky sweet, big and bold.
Totally meaty and nicely cooked.
These wings are browned to perfection with a brilliant sauce that is monumental oriental. 
Now, I can say that i really got a chinese blood because this mild-flavored wing reminded me of childhood and is very soothing on MY taste buds. 
It was very flavorful but not searing, you'll get the idea.

Sadly, I did not have the chance to try their Cajun, Hot Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan because we just needed 5 stamps for our Wingstop flavor passports but I’m definitely planning on revisiting their branch on Eastwood with my family. 
Here are the prices for the chicken wings 
5pcs plus 1 flavor p235 
7pcs plus 2 flavors p325
11pcs plus 2 flavors p495
20pcs plus 3 flavors p875

Wingstop is everything I love about flavored wings-- crispy, salty, sweet, spicy, and kinda messy. They require lots of napkins, which automatically makes them more fun!
For the sides, we tried the Garlic Parmesan (p100) and it was the bomb!
They have so much salty-sweet flavor going on, you don’t even need a dipping sauce for these babies. They are good to go!
They also serve yummy Chicken Tenders
3 pcs plus 1dip p185
7pcs plus 2dips p395
11pcs plus 3dips p595

You can choose your dip, you can have an additional dip for only p30
(Atomic, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Teriyaki)
They have combo meals and price starts at 185.
They also serve Iced coffees, perfect for the summer heat.

I'm drooling already!
This place has a fun and relaxed atmosphere, i assure you.
Great service!
You should visit them this weekend with the whole family and grab Wingstop's flavorful wings at their recently opened store at Greenhills Promenade, Estancia in Capitol Commons ,Eastwood,University Mall,Trinoma,FairviewTerraces,Starmall Prima Taguig,Starmall Las PiÑas.

For more info , call them at 02 706 3106
Email them at
Visit their website


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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