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Not a lot of people know this air freshener brand that is said to be America's no. 1 selling adjustable solid gel and as an air freshener addict myself , honestly, i'm not also familiar with it.

I’m already trying to cut down on the chemicals and toxins in our home , but after discovering about Renuzit air freshener that is said to be biodegradable and with 97% natural ingredients -- that will still make the entire house odor-free, I was thrilled and my emotion just skyrocketed tremendously.
If you're wondering about the other 3%, well, it's only the fragrance oils.
Although it may not be natural, it's still very safe for yourself and for the environment.

I'm quite surprised that Renuzit air freshener has been out in the US market for quite some time now. Since 1972.
Unisell, being the official distributor of Renuzit here in the Philippines, hoped to achieve the same level of success it has been reaching now in the US.
During the media launch of "Renew Your Home" held at Le Jardin in BGC, the managing director of Unisell , Mr. Merrick Sua, introduced us the wide range of scents to choose from to satisfy any scent preference, for any room for any season or occasion.

The Simply Refreshed collection includes Fresh Lavender, After The Rain and Simply Vanilla scents.

The Super Odor Killer includes Citrus Sunburst and Original Scent

The Fresh Picked , which is the Raspberry Scent

and The Serenity , which are the Relaxing Spa and Sapphire Waters Scents.

These are all set in stylish , recyclable, and adjustable 'cone-shaped' packaging, that provides continuous air freshening benefits in a convenient , easy-to-use, economical, and eco-friendly format.
Their flagship product is the Raspberry scent and is also the no.1 selling scent here in the Philippines.
For some reason, the Filipinos love the fruity , sweet smell of Raspberry.
Some creative minds try to mix and match the scents to have a unique smell in the house.
I'm using the Super Odor Killer which is the Original Scent, in the bathroom and I have had several people who have come to our house comment on how good it smells!
I can assure you that the scent is not too strong and overwhelming.
So they had this little contest, to design the table according to the scent you choose.
We were the orange team and the kitchen was the concept.
And yes, you guessed it right!
Our entry "Good morning, Sunshine" won grand prize :)
Renuzit adjustable solid gel air freshener are available in leading supermarkets and home improvement stores nationawide for the suggested retail price of only Php 109.75.

For more info, visit RENUZIT

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