Heroine Make launches Kiss Me Jewelry Eye Color + makeup techniques!

I have a huge confession to make.
I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube when I'm not exploring the world of Korean drama.
Not my style , huh?
I don't usually buy makeup because I have a super sensitive skin.
I already tried using drugstore makeup but recently I found out that some of them are often enhanced with a lot of chemicals.
So I'm sticking to my Korean and Japanese brands from now on.

When I recently got an invite for a makeup workshop, I was a bit hesitant at first.
It was scheduled on a Sunday.
I don't usually accept event invites on a Sunday because it is for family bonding.
But when she revealed the brand to me, I got excited!
I just brought them along with me so we can still bond after the event.
Have you heard of Heroine Make?
I usually hear this makeup brand from beauty bloggers.

Heroine Make is the fastest rising best-loved cosmetic brand in Asia, manufactured by one of the largest Japanese cosmetics manufacturers since 1825, Isehan; and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corp.
They've been around the makeup industry for a long time now.
But they've launched Heroine Make only in 2005.
The objective of the intimate event was to showcase their latest product --the Jewelry Eye Color to a select crowd at SM Makati and right at the Mandom Philippines office.
The highlight was the tutorial and make-up demo conducted by make-up artist and beauty consultant from Japan Sayuri Igarashi.
 Miss Igarashi has had more than 25 years of experience in Japan, Europe and in Asia where she currently serves as the make-up artist of KISS ME Heroine Make.
The name of their brand icon Princess is Elisabeth Himeko. She is a reminder that women of the world should know how to beautify themselves.
She said that Pinays are known to have beautiful, healthy skin which is in fact the best canvass for makeup.
This is her second time to visit the Philippines actually.
The last time was in Makati Shangri-La for the other product of Heroine Make.
Even though her English was a bit hard to understand(because of the Japanese accent), I love listening to her.
She's funny and warm and sweet.
She said that the products of KISS ME Heroine Make are perfect for the Asian skin and weather where the demand for “all-weather” make-up that withstands the rigors of heat, humidity, rain and sweat are ever increasing.
The Kiss me Jewelry Eye Color is the newest from Heroine Make.
We are so lucky that they launched it first here in the Philippines.
Not even in Japan.
This eye makeup is long lasting, according to her.
So what's so special about this eye makeup?
It has a special eye primer(white), which is creamy base- not the powdery one.
It will stay all day until midnight and the next day.
Perfect for Filipinos with combination skin of Oily and Dry.

During the demo, she teaches us about the importance of applying BB creams first prior to makeup. The BB cream on her right arm (02) has a higher SPF 50.
If you got dry skin and needs a lot of moisturizing without becoming too oily, use the other BB cream (01) seen on her left hand.
According to her, Rowena of Animteric's World has oily skin so she used the 02 BB cream on her face.
The latest trend is still the no makeup look.
But Filipinos already have huge eyes so we need to apply a bit of color in some part to enhance them even more.
She applied the BB Cream first on the center of her face then spread it all throughout.
If you feel you need the matte finish, apply loose powder or she recommends to us the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder with mineral for a better coverage.
I already used this powder during my event the last time.
It was held in a park, without aircon and under the scorching heat of the sun.
So it was tried and tested .. the hard way.
This is my "annoying look".
Forgive me for this selfie but I needed to check my face and document it after 6 hours without retouching.
I loved it.
It contains sebum absorbing powder that definitely absorbed all the shine on my face the whole day , plus, it  made my face glow at the same time without thickness or caking.
Back to the eye makeup..
You first apply the primer prior to eye makeup. 
You don't need a lot. 
To those with oily skin, no need for you to apply the primer. 
Then apply the beige throughout the eyelid.

Next is put the brown color starting from the outside corner of the eyelids first going halfway
If you got big eyes, the corners will do, but if you have smaller, then put a bit more..all over the lids.

So,which eye shadow color suits you?
The brown color is suitable for any skin color. 
The pink one is for those with paler skin color and with dark circles to make you youner looking.
The gold one is for parties and night time events.
The rose has more impact. Perfect for Valentine's day :)
The black one can be used as a substitute for eyeliner if you're too busy to perfect the wingtip. 

Remember: To have an impression of a longer eye look, put the black on on the outer base corner of eyelid.
Applying a liquid eyeliner is never easy.
It's rather a difficult task honestly.
You have to be an expert in Chinese caligraphy using the "Mo Pit" in order for you to perfect this alone.
When you're using the eyeline, make sure to
Shake it first before applying-- to achieve the darker color you want.
This is hard to remove as well, I tell you.
Totally waterproof!
It lasted two days on my eyelids!
You have to buy a makeup remover then use it with a cottonbud.
To achieve a natural look, apply it in between lashes then make a horizontal perfect line after.

The mascara is the next to apply and she chose the one with a long lashes effect for Rowena.
The best thing about this mascara --also long lasting and no smudging event after few hours.
Use the inner curve of the mascara to achieve the long lashes look and no need for you to use the eye lash curler because it will instantly curl the lashes with the help of the concave part.
The next good thing about this mascara, it has chamomile extracts to help moisturize the lashes.
Both our hair and lashes have cuticle and we need to take really good care of it.
For the eyebrow, if you want a slimmer look of your face, draw a longer eyebrow.
Apply darker shade on the peak of the eyebrow to achieve perfect eyebrows.
They also have Heroine Make eyeshadow pencils.
Contouring and shadowing of makeup is important to showcase the features even more and have smaller face.
Why do you think we like to have smaller face?
Share your thoughts with me by commenting below.
Got this cute Elisabeth Himeko notebook from the event, which my daughter grabbed from me instantly the moment I entered the house.
I'm so happy I had a chance to be dolled up and prettyfied by the great Sayuri Igarashi.
Honestly, it was a bit nerve-wracking but fun!

After spending about 2 hours watching her makeup tutorial , I already learned so many makeup secrets that will have a huge difference the next time I need to be dolled up again...by myself!

So grateful that she shared the best kept secrets of makeup artists.
Check out the newest Kiss Me Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color, exclusively sold in Watson’s stores nationwide.
Visit https://www.facebook.com/heroinemakephilippines for more details!


  1. I am intrigued with their eye shadow.. wala akong eyelids eh! I hope with their eye shadows, I can make my eyes pop!

    1. Me too!
      Parang alien from outer space! I'll use the Kiss Me Jewelry Eye Color and post the photos here so you can see if the eye makeup is suitable for you as well.


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