One special Sunday with Spongebob and the gang, thanks to Jollibee

Sunday is the perfect time for me to chill out and spend time with my hubby and kids.

It is our day for relaxing, visit the church of course , cooking something extra special or dining out and taking a looong nap.
We only get to see the mister on weekends because of his work outside Manila.
He started his provincial work 3 years ago , so mostly I sleep alone with the kids, and barely see him.
In my mind, this kind of setup is a possibility, but honestly, it is indeed harder than I thought.
He's usually gone Monday thru Saturday morning and he goes home Saturday night.
Yes, It sucks, life sucks, but we’re pretty used to it.
Weekends are that much more exciting!

When I received an invite recently to see the block screening of Spongebob, Out of the Water , my kids could not contain their excitement.
Thankfully, they are now old enough to really take in and appreciate watching grown-up movies with us, so it's really more of an advantage plus I really love watching movies with them.
They are not annoying and whiny inside a cinema.
Thank God for my well-behaved children.

So , that afternoon was truly a fun-filled one because it was sponsored by the ever generous Jollibee , with free yummy Jollibee meals for my shreks!
I opted for the chicken and burger meals which we took home after the show.

SpongeBob : Out of the Water started out when a vicious pirate above the sea stole (again ) the precious Krabby Patty formula and Spongebob takes leave from the town of Bikini Bottom , along with Squidward , Patrick Star , Mr. Krabs and Sandy, in order to track down the missing formula.
They became human-sized huggable heroes that saved the Krabby Patty formula from Burger Beard.
Burger Beard ( Antonio Banderas ) tried one business venture after the next, and one after the next he failed.
Just at the point where he's about to face financial ruin, this pirate come up with an ingenious idea by snatching the formula from Mr. Krabs.
Of course, he did not succeed and Spongebob's gang lived happily ever after. The End.
Till our next movie adventure!

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