World of DC Comics- All Star Fun Run 2015

My family isn’t a bunch of health nuts, but we do active things together back then.

Usually, we save the weekends for swimming family bonding somewhere in Quezon City.
I remember my dad trying to teach us to float without any lifesavers on. I was 7.
But i'm really grateful that our dad gave us those swimming lessons and made me a gold medalist in college.
For as long as I can remember, my siblings would start biking around after our meal.
In recent years, I have always tried to ask my husband to join a fun run but time would not allow us.

But this time, i will try to become healthier again and take part of the coolest fun run ever..
Plus, I get to wear my favorite costume on that day!
I will go as Batgirl, after my clearance from the doc, hehe!
Pre-Event Registration for the World of DC Comics, All Star Fun Run is now open today at the SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex from 4pm to 10pm near the mall fountain area.
Online registration has already ended,unfortunately.

Here are the race categories :

Registration fees :
For 10km - 900
        5km  - 800
        3km   -700

 You can check the race rout here:

For more information
please visit

You can email them at
or call 0917-5995819 / 241-5676 loc.428

If you have questions regarding the fun run, you can message me here and i'll ask the organizer about it.
See you!

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