Be part of #BR31SmileProject of Baskin-Robbins and help 31 kids to Smile again

Indeed, ice cream always makes us smile, right?

When you're down, when you're feeling low, nothing like an ice cream cone or a scoop of ice cream makes you smile.

Baskin-Robbins will give you reasons to smile more starting today because Baskin-Robbins launched 31 smiles project #BR31SmilesProject.

The #BR31SmilesProject initiative is a result of  partnership with Operation Smiles, an international renowned organization that brings back smile to faces of children with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities by providing free reconstructive surgery.

In celebration of their first year in Manila, Baskin-Robbins will be sponsoring the 31 children.
This is a cause very close not only to my heart but to theirs as well. I once encountered kids with this kind of deformity during my hospital duty days years ago and the pain of seeing them like that will stay in the heart for a long period of time. It really gets you, hard.
It's been a year already for this great ice cream company since it's launching at the very same location on July first last year.
They are truly grateful for the success they've achieved since launching the brand and they now successfully operate 5 stores throughout Metro Manila and they plan to grow further in the future.
I guess, making people happy is really part of the DNA of Baskin-Robbins brand.
I'm glad companies like Baskin-Robbins supports this kind of project. When you see the impact they can make on the lives of these children, it's really hard not to be supportive at all.
Mr. Wiggy Montenilla, president of Operation Smile Philippines, shared some stories about how these kids were being ridiculed because for their deformities. Some didn't want to go to school anymore. They were bullied. Even the parents themselves lack understanding what has happened and even disrespect the child. Because of this situation, there is a backlog of number of service. There are 4,300 children more each year and  I can't imagine how they've long been tracking.
Eat ice cream, he says.
In that way, you already can help in your own small way.

To help them in their mission, the world's largest specialty shop , Baskin-Robbins has forged a fitting partnership with Operation Smiles Philippines and promised to help these children.
This campaign not only brings back smiles of children with facial deformities but it is also helping their organization , Operation Smiles Philippines, to create  a public awareness of these birth defects and how this affects a child big time.
He explained that some of the challenges they faced were how to get those surgeries and be able to fund all of it and searching for those children.
You see, if you have this kind of deformity, you tend to hide from cruel people.

If this world has given you a blessed life, share it. Just like what Baskin Robbins is doing, such project is a great thing to help the little children to be having a hope of a better future.

Through this campaign, they can also share the Operation Smiles life changing mission and bring back the joy and smiles of every Filipino children.
The 31 Smiles Project also gives the opportunity to share stories with every Filipino and inspire everyone to lend a hand to these children by donating and engaging in volunteer work.
When there is volunteer work, you'll be amazed once you announce there is a mission , hundreds of them come out, he says.
That is their opportunity to be given that hope, that there is a possibility of going back to school, not being bullied anymore , being loved more by their parents.
31 is truly important number for Baskin-Robbins ( it is hidden in their logo, have you figured it out already?)
For their 1st year anniversary, they want to do more , not just promotional campaign. They felt that Operation Smiles is the right partner.
You can be part of this life changing mission of transforming the lives of 31 cleft children by participating in Baskin-Robbins' 31 Smiles Project. You can help change the future of these kids.
  • Buy any regular double scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins and the 31 pesos will go to the project. 
  • Buy the cute Smiley Cakes and 20% of the sales will go  to Operation Smiles. 
  • Avail the frequency card for only 100 pesos with the limited edition campaign badge and get a free scoop of ice cream. 
Hurry now, try their yummy 31 flavors of ice cream and help the kids at the same time.

For more information bout Baskin-Robbins 31 Smiles Project, visit or visit their FB page . twitter and Instagram accounts.

Try their 31 flavors now at their shops here:
Central Square, BGC
Greenbelt 5
Ayala Fairview Terraces
Glorietta 5

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