Toonami introduces new show : Yo-Kai Watch

Nowadays, weekend mornings usually spent watching cartoons and most people with small children would totally agree with me.

Their rituals include waking up at the earliest , watching cartoons while relaxing on a rocking chair right in front of the TV and eating pancakes.
Especially now that there's a new hottest Japanese animation exclusively on Toonami , the Philippines' ultimate home for anime and superhero series.

Yo-Kai Watch makes it's debut on June 27 and follows the adventures of a boy named Keita Amano. He discovers a peculiar machine next to a sacred tree in Sakura New Town.
And when he opens the capsule, it brings forth a Yo-Kai (ghost) named Whisper , who gives Keita a Yo-Kai watch.
Using this, Keita is able to identify and uncover Yo-Kais.
Joined by a cat called Yo-Kai Jibanyan, Keita, and Whisper start making friends with all sorts of Yo-Kai which can be summoned to battle against evil Yo-Kai that are causing trouble.

Will the gang triumph against the evil Yo-Kai? Or will they stand helpless against their onslaught?

These supernatural adventures have taken over Japan since the release of the original game in 2013, which was followed by the sequels : Yo-Kai Watch 2 : Ganzo and Honke and Yo-Kai Watch 2 : Sinuchi.

Two manga adaptations have also been produced a shonen manga series and a shojo manga series.
The popular Yo-Kai dance featured in the series , Gera Gera Po, has a huge online following.

Do you want to learn the cool dance moves?
Check it out!

Yo-Kai Watch starts June 27, weekends, 10:15 am, only on Toonami

Toonami is available on Skycable channel 42, Destiny cable channel 42, Cignal channel 36 and Cable link channel 214

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