How to choose the right URATEX Mattress to get a good night's sleep

Recently, Uratex has launched their 4 Uratex Premium Mattress collections that will take into account each person’s needs and how each mattress was designed to specifically fit the body’s needs for a more personalized sleep solution.
We also heard some testimonies from local artists and experts about their Uratex experiences.
But first, we need to know how exactly can the environment we have affect our sleeping behavior.
Mr. Jie Pambid, one of the country’s most talented and trustworthy design experts, shared with us his ideas for a better sleeping mode.

The mattress is always the key factor. But you have to pair it up with something to make it more efficient.
In the bedroom, texture is one important factor for a mattress. Do you find firm mattresses good for lumbar support? Lighting and temperature can also affect the sleeping behavior.
For Mr. Pambid, padded materials are necessary in a condo unit bedroom to absorb sound. Especially when you are exposed to traffic noise. You wouldn't want this when you need a full 8 hours sleep.
Having a right texture applied to walls will muffle out the noise. If you can't get away with a padded walls, get a Uratex padded headboard instead.
Materials such as wood, fabric, curtains with heavy drapes-- contribute to a good night's sleep. Lighting should be very warm and not harsh. Ambiance should be controlled through halogens , LEDs or dimmers.
Never ever use cool, white fluorescent light. The ideal temperature should be between 18 to 22 degrees centigrade. No matter what the temperature outside the room.

So, how do we maximize our sleep to gain a very good morning when we wake up?
Dr. Virginia Delos Reyes , the president of  the Philippine Society of Sleep medicine, explained a few things about managing sleep well.
According to her, sleep is one of the things we take for granted, especially when we tend to cram things in one day to finish tasks.  Obesity is one thing that will lead to Sleep Apnea ,a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or instances of shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep often leads to risking the cardiovascular health.

Admit it, we just love to party at night ( not me , though) that actually disrupts our sleeping pattern and preventing us to sleeping early. You thought that by drinking alcohol will help to put you to sleep but it actually adds up to the disruption of sleep risking the health even more.
Having one bedroom can also get a difficult sleeping pattern for us because of the crowded environment.

If you want a good night's sleep, turn everything off .. the lights, gadgets.
Avoid stimulating substances like drinking coffee, eating chocolates, and some teas before sleeping. Medication for asthma can disrupt sleep as well.
Avoid ginseng to spare you from all the tossing and turning at night.
And of course, getting aright mattress for you will definitely lull you to sleep fast.
Mr. Dindo Medina, Corporate sales director for Uratex Philippines, explained the 4 Premium Mattress Collection of Uratex which are the The Perfect Serenity Collection,The Senso Memory collection , The Premium Touch collection, and The Orthocare collection.

For the Perfect Serenity, it's more of the freshness.
The sides fabric are being ventilated to incorporate more air and comes with different levels of firmness.
The advanced 3D spacer fabric supplies ample ventilation throughout its surface for constant airflow for a cool, fresh feeling as you sleep. It also ensures that your mattress is clean and fresh even with constant use.
For the Orthocare, this is excellent to those who prefer firmness and with back problems. It comes with different configurations and levels of firmness as well. Perfect to those who have scoliosis.
It supports the body’s key pressure points and keeps them aligned to reduce aches when you wake up in the morning. The inter-connecting cell structure in high-quality foam distributes pressure equally and evenly, letting your body feel relaxed while you sleep. It also uses 3D spacer fabric to keep your mattress cool and fresh, while Tencel fabric adds a soft and smooth feel.
The ever popular Senso Memory , their version of Visco Elastic Foam and they made it really affordable to Filipinos to try out the newest technology which is also the Tencel fabric in the main panels that keeps the mattress cool and fresh as you sleep.
 Likewise, it comes with different levels of firmness and actually a temperature sensitive material. It will soften up when it touches the hard portions of the body.
 The Premium Touch incorporates pocket spring.  Each individually wrapped pocket spring follows the shape of your body, even as you turn on your bed.
To add comfort, the mattress is topped with natural latex foam to relieve the body’s pressure points. It is covered with Tencel fabric making it soft and smooth to the touch.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection indeed features the best materials for soothing sleep. A variety of state-of-the-art foam are used in creating each mattress, including Senso Memory foam, latex foam, and Hydragel foam.
All mattresses under the Uratex Premium Collection are treated with Sanitized, a technology that keeps mattresses free from bacteria or microbes.
It protects your body, so you sleep on a mattress that is clean and comfortable.

For superior sleep solutions, visit Uratex Philippines at, follow twitter @uratexfoam IG Uratex_ph or call 888-6800.
For more about Uratex Premium Mattress, call the Uratex Consumer Care Hotline at 888-6800 or visit

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