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Carpe Diem.
Honestly though, whenever I hear those words I can’t help but wonder how to really Carpe Diem especially when allergies strike?
We've been living in a world consumed by this hypersensitive disorder of the immune system that has rapidly developed over the years. It’s had an effect in most areas of our life, whether we’ve noticed or not (but probably noticed ).
So really, how does one go about making the most of the present moment?

It is indeed a dream for everyone (especially for my kids) not have to deal with something that is going to stop the day from seizing.
I wonder, why the rise in allergies nowadays?
No one really knows, but pollution might be a contributing factor. Indeed, it can be potentially fatal because tissues in the throat and mouth area can swell up to the point where air can not enter the lungs--the horrifying anaphylactic shock.
I saw similar cases when I was assigned in the E.R. and it really scared the hell out of me.
That is why I have to be all times.
At an event I recently attended, we were asked if we have had any allergies in our lifetime and I thought, I was lucky enough to experience only a few minor ones.
I loved the outdoors when I was a kid and my daily habit of exposing to the sun's vitamins made my body healthier, I guess. Kids nowadays are completely unaware what the sun can give to their body. They stay indoors most of the time that make their bodies hypersensitive to mostly anything.
My eldest daughter has asthma and she got that from their dad.
This is not a simple battle, I tell you.
When my daughter doesn't have a full blown asthma, she usually ends up with skin rashes. Imagine how difficult for both of us in dealing with the rashes. I can even hear her scratching in my sleep. I'm constantly finding treatment to soothe the itchiness but usually the antihistamines prescribed by her pedia makes her sleepy and drowsy.
According to Mr. Ian Galvez, the category manager for Claritin, allergies have different forms and types. If we know the specific type, that's how they can provide the right solution for it.
Dust, smoke, pollution, fur, pollen, changing of weather are some of the allergens and correspondingly, each allergy is different in each person.
Some may experience itchy nose and rashes, while sneezing or runny nose for others,
Indeed, allergies are burdensome and a constant hindrance to one's life. It literally stops you from doing what you want to do.
Some respondents said when allergies attack, they are not at their best. They are moody and impatient. Allergies disrupt planned events.
As you know,there are different formats of Loratidine Claritin.
The regular Claritin tablets in 10mg Loratidine are available nationwide.
There is also Claritin in syrup made specifically for the kids. Children’s Claritin provides non-drowsy allergy relief for your child’s worst allergy symptoms.You can find this in my fridge.
Claritin offers solution to combat allergies in no time.
Loratidine Claritin provides powerful, long-lasting relief so that allergy sufferers can live as if they are condition-free.
Finally,this 2015-- a new product of Claritin has been revealed that will change the landscape of allergy treatment.
They launched this innovation because they want to lead the market with a broad portfolio solutions. They understand that different people needs different types of medication for certain allergies. They promised the best customization of medication for allergy relief. There will be an improvement of brand value of format innovation that highlights the importance of allergy relief to people.
It will be an immediate allergy relief that you can take on the go is the possible solution that is hinged on disruptive allergy attacks.
The new Claritin Reditabs will make allergy sufferers always REDI when allergy strikes. No water needed. It just melts in the mouth in seconds. The peel and pop is perfect to have it anywhere you go. Very convenient I must say. The minty taste will have a soothing effect.
4 out of 5 sufferers said they will buy Claritin Reditabs for the said reasons.

Above all, it's Claritin --- the world's number one otc antihistamine brand.
I want to be just like Iya Villania-Arellano, not being a triathlete but by being always-on-the-go person.
Nothing can stop her, not even allergies.
Watch how she takes on allergies even in the most uncompromising situation.

Posted by Claritin Philippines on Sunday, 31 May 2015

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