Hi-5 Philippines starts airing Monday, June 15, on TV5

Back when my kids were little, the 4 of us used to watch together this amazing Australian kiddie show -- Hi 5 --on the cable and it really haunted my soul.
I say that with much love and admiration, of course.
Hi 5 was launched in 1999 and has had an absolutely amazing achievement for kid-oriented show. It rapidly grew in popularity over the years and already won several awards. 
Hi 5 , as it may be, the best one of their generation. Maybe of all time, for my kids.

We went through a phase where it seemed like the song "L.O.V.E" was played 50 times per day. In the morning. At night. In my dreams...AAAAAh disaster.
Initially, when my sister introduced to me this show, I really thought it was sort of a biblical..kiddie church show. Stuff like that. 

Hi 5's music was so catchy and bouncy and absorbing, and children dig it. ...who could resist the ridiculously singable "5 in the air...." or "Some Kind of wonderful"?
I would sing and whistle all the time around the house and all the noises coming from me would drive them crazy, pure torture ,I tell you.

As they get older, their television viewing habits change and I'm not happy with it.
My kids MAYBE past the age of this stuff, and I could no longer find the cable channel for this show, I always, always miss the music in the shows they used to watch, even if I truly thought I’d go out of my mind because of that.

Delightedly, the local station TV5 recently collaborated with Hi 5 World in introducing to millions of Filipino kids a local version of this highly interactive edutainment show! Yey!
Glad that today is Rizal Day, meaning--- NO CLASSES! I was able to bring them to TV5 station located in Mandaluyong , to witness the media presentation and this once in a lifetime event.
TV5 stated that they are up to the challenge of producing the show that is at par with global standards.

Before the launch, they let the kids do some artwork activities and eat their lunch. They had unlimited spaghetti, chocolate cupcakes and all that. Imagine the joy they felt after. LOL
To my surprise, one member from the Hi 5 production team is the former talent of a show with the same concept back in the 80's. How cool is that? Remember "ate Sienna"?
Indeed, weekdays will be more exciting and fun-filled !
Hi 5 Philippines will be airing weekdays at 8:30 am starting June 15, this Monday! It will feature an all-Filipino cast, a first for the series franchise in Asia.

(Starting from the left)Fred Lo, Aira Binas, Rissey Reyes, Alex Reyes and Gerard Pagusa... they are the Hi 5 Philippines cast.
I did not know that TV5 held an audition for this show last year..If only I knew, I would've reached for that brightest star and tried my luck. I used to be in Glee Club back in Highschool and my dream was to join in a theatrical play or a choir.

Someone told me you can be part of the live audience , I'm just not sure how. 

They made an awesome similar rounded platform (as seen on the original show )and the kids can interact with the performers as well. 
The cast consists of talented Filipino kids who are going to be delivering the songs not just in English that we are all used to. The staple ones are in English and some songs and stories will be delivered in Filipino language or Tagalog. Educational , informational and pure fun , as always.

L.O.V.E has got to be my favorite Hi 5 song of all. I'm glad they chose to sing this live for us at the launch. I failed capturing a decent video for this post and I blame them for it. Well, I was dancing and singing my heart out at the back the whole time. It was worth it #sorrynotsorry
And I have another reason not to miss the chance to see Hi 5 on Monday....... FRED. Hah!
No, you have it all wrong.. I like him because he has this magical connection with the kids... and the moms. LOL

 You see, this dynamic new quintet all boast of extensive backgrounds in performing arts that channels the energy to engage kids in music more, imaginative play, social interaction, and developmental growth in super fun way!
 Hi 5 Philippines will not only showcase world-class Filipino talent, but more importantly, it will definitely help shape this country's future generations.

 There he is again! Yep, truly a people person :)

Fely Irvine brought joy to Hi 5 fans as well , when she visited the Philippines and the launching this morning. My daughter was surprised and did not easily recognize her at the start. Maybe because of the new do. Did you know that she is a Filipina? :)

The Filipino version of the musical group is currently one of the only two casts for Hi5, the other one being the Australian cast.
By the way, there will be a super fun meet-and-greet with the Hi 5 gang this Saturday at SM Megamall, with Fely Irvine! This event is FREE but be early.

So spread the news, people!
Follow their jouney on weekdays at 8:30 am and 3:45pm, starting June 15, only on TV5!

I've already uploaded videos of them during the launch, check it out here 

Visit their facebook page for more details :) https://www.facebook.com/Hi5OnTV5?fref=ts

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