Robinsons Supermarket I Love Wellness Festival 2015

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Did you know that today's food choices is one of the leading causes of chronic disease?

That is why Robinsons Supermarket is devoted to helping us achieve optimal health and well-being through a series of mall events developed by their team of wellness experts.

I was invited to attend Robinsons Supermarket 's I Love Wellness festival yesterday at Robinsons Magnolia,with the sexy Iya Villania-Arellano welcoming all guests and visitors , as we discovered the journey to a healthy mind and body.
The story behind the spectacular Wizard of Oz concept was based on the 4 characters in search for Love, Courage, Smarts and Home.
Being fit and healthy is indeed a beautiful journey with challenges ahead of us that we need to face every so often.

Remember the cowardly lion from the story? He didn't have the courage at all but eventually gained some in the Wizard of Oz. The lesson here is that we need to have courage and strong will to get things started to be able to resist some temptations.

The Scarecrow doesn't have the smarts. In this day and age, we have to be intelligent enough and have knowledge in how to make and choose a healthy habit.
The Tin Man, on the other hand, lacks the heart to give importance and love to one's self. Motivation is the key to pursue a healthy journey. We should stay motivated at all times. It's difficult to stay on track if you're doing it for the wrong reason. But if you keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself, then you'll stay motivated.

Finally, Dorothy is the perfect role model for all of us. Even without her shiny Ruby slippers, she did not give up on finding her way home.
This is all about completing the whole wellness journey in life. That home is right at Robinsons Supermarket where healthier days start.
It is a place where we can always trust and help us every step of the way--- just like in the movie Wizard of Oz. Clever idea, honestly.

We all took a journey through the Wellness booths seen at the activity center.
The area had all sorts of cool activities plus I got to take home cool freebies in each booth.
They had me tested at the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge Booth, to see if I have a low or high skeletal muscle mass using the Body Composition Scanner.  I took the challenge at the Digital Gripper Scan as well to see if I was weak, normal or strong. This is good for the aging population.
Both results are just fine. But I need to improve regarding my nutritional intake because my body weight is low.
Do you believe I got a body mass of a 22 year-old female? 22!

Anyway,just by checking out my body mass, I got to take home a discount coupon and a cool freebie.
The next one is the Level Up Wellness Booth by Unilever and Knorr Philippines , where classic Filipino dishes with a twist were tasted by the media.
We had Ginataang Manok at Kalabasa (200 calories) and Sinigang sa Pakwan (180 calories), you can check the recipes HERE
In this booth, they informed us about the right products to use at home. Wellness packs are available at all Robinsons Supermarkets -- like Breeze, Dove and Creamsilk.
Free sampling of the products from Nescafe Creamy White was held at Nescafe Wellness booth. Honestly, this is my coffee at home and I can assure you of the creaminess and yummy taste.
The kids would love the Choose Nestle Wellness for Breakfast booth, where they taught us on how to eat right and healthy. I tried playing the My Wellness Plate Game ,where I needed to guess the item on the plate shown. Of course, I got the right answer and won a freebie from NIDO.
They also introduced Nestle's 7 wellness wonders :
  • Choose to eat Fruits and Vegetables
  • Choose to always eat breakfast
  • Choose to always be active
  • Choose to drink water and Milk
  • Choose to get enough sleep
  • Choose to eat a balanced diet
  • Choose to limit sweets and salts
Getting enough sleep and staying away from sweets and salts are the things I really have to do so I can live a healthy life for my family. It's a difficult task, but by setting my mind on a task or goal, anything is possible.
I should've brought my kids at the event so they can try the Baby Steps to Wellness booth by Johnsons and Johnsons because they got a lot of activities there for the little ones. They encourage the kids and participate in active play, especially to those kids who love to play with gadgets and just stay indoors most of the time.
They have the latest product which is the active fresh shampoo , the most fragrant one, ever. It has a special ingredient that prevents dirt from sticking in to the kid's hair that makes the hair smells good and stays fresh longer. Not just the shampoo but also the powder. The Active Fresh Powder has an ingredient that when it comes to contact with sweat , it will release a fragrant scent instead. That is interesting! I need one for myself! LOL
The Del Monte Tipco Juice booth offers a wide array of fresh juices made with 100% fruits, packed with vitamin c for a healthier body. They also offer Del Monte Fit and Right juices sampling for the media.
Pardon my shameless #footfie here. Yes, it got ugly after I gave birth to 3 kids.
Here, at the Anlene Bone Scan Booth, it gave us perspective to know about bone density whether if low or at risk for osteoporosis.

Got my result and was one of the few who got moderate risk for osteoporosis. I blame it on my Scoliosis.
Did you know that drinking milk at least an hour before bedtime aides in digestion and help avoid stomach problems? You can lower the risk of having Osteoporosis and other diseases too just by drinking milk!
I will definitely have a glass of Anlene before I hit the sack tonight.
The Myra booth offers sampling of Myra capsules that you can actually mix with your hand lotion , that will definitely take beauty to the next level.
They let me try it on my hand and surprisingly the result was amazing. They explained to me the benefits of Myra and all the Holistic skin care line. Myra-e is a vitamin E, a very powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals caused by stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle.
The Sexy Chefs Rachel Alejandro and Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck show off their cooking skills and healthy recipes which health and figure-conscious Filipinos can thoroughly enjoy.
According to the I Love Wellness team, if you see a Shop Smart Tag while doing your grocery, choose the Green Shelf tag for the healthy products. These are the products evaluated by the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI )
Robinsons Supermarket is empowering and educating the consumers to get healthy options-- together with  FNRI and with partner brands. They are also celebrating wellness for the whole month of July. 
They are not calling it Wellness Campaign anymore but We Love Wellness because they are committed to their consumers in promoting wellness. The new logo for this campaign was also revealed that day : We Love Wellness. 
By the way, if you're into running and fun runs, register at Robinsons Supermarket's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2015

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