Huawei Philippines , with the help of NTC and DOST, is Building a Better Connected Philippines with FREE WIFI for every Juan

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Huawei Technologies Philippines, Inc., a leading Global ICT (information and communications technology) solutions provider is happy to stage its Philippines ICT Roadshow 2015
at Dusit Thani Manila Hotel to showcase the best and the latest innovations, products and services it can offer to provide clients and consumers the best solution to cater to the demands of ICT Convergence.
This year's theme is Building a Better Connected Philippines , for internet access to every Juan in the country.
The Philippines has first connected to the internet in Cebu on March 21 1994,
20 years after,  the internet has changed the lives of Filipinos and communication has never been so easy.
National productivity has significantly improved.
Opportunities for knowledge and information sharing for business and pleasure have improved as well.
The internet has evolved the world into a global village, thus making an interconnected world.
More so, the internet fuels the IT growth. The country has already raised at least 2.6 jobs to every Juan.
Focusing on this year's events, Building a Better Connected Philippines, has already initiated mergers, encouraged creativity, ingenuity, and innovation towards the Philippine Digital Economy.
The challenges will always see potential growth, but with the help of the government, they will start global by digitally empowering the locals.
Starting this year, FREE PUBLIC WIFI will be provided, which aims to achieve 99% of national connectivity.
The government and the agency will prioritize the last 3 to 6 municipalities and will have public internet space such as plazas, art galleries, public schools, libraries, bus stations and airports and government areas as access points.
They hoped that in rural areas through this project, will now have the opportunity to access the internet and the endless connectivity they have to offer.
This will also improve governance as such that they will provide access for the e-government services.
This July, free WIFI will be piloted in Cebu , Metro Manila and in Davao City.
The World Bank has reported that for every 10% surge in National World Bank connectivity, there will be a 1.38% boost.
By empowering Filipinos from Luzon to Mindanao for free stable internet connectivity,this will translate to a dynamic economy. They are confident that they can empower , connect and engage every Juan especially those to the country side, so that no Juan will actually left behind.

The NTC is also consistent in building a better connected world, with the help of Huawei.
As information technology outlook is expecting a positive economic growth in the country, their stakeholders like Huawei will be in a good position to further the growth and access in the Philippines. The projected GDP increase of 6.4% this year, will undoubtedly present a wide array of opportunities for ICT growth. The increase in private consumer's spending , investment exports, and a steady OFW remittances will sustain the country's growth momentum.
The growth in employment and modest inflation rates also help the Philippines' economic gains.
The relevance of ICT products in services to the Filipino's way of life will be instrumental as they capitalized on this wide-bound economic episode of the country.
Huawei unveiled an exclusive product –The Huawei Converged Storage Oceanstor Version 3.0. The Oceanstor V3 is a converged and unified storage that supports multiple storage platforms and protocols in a single chassis. This latest innovation will support to save time and resources for businesses within existing equipments.

The rising popultation of the Philippines which approximately at 101 million, will continue to demand that people stay connected.
Text messages traffic of approximately 2 billion , is a testament in this reality.
That's 2 billion per day text messages!
Messages sent in text apps like Viber , Whats App.. is another story.

Remarkably, from a 100 million population, there is an estimated 130 million cellular mobile subscribers at the moment. Maybe because of multiple mobile SIM ownership of the majority. 9 million subscribers for the internet connection.
This numbers will definitely grow in the next years.
It is mandatory in NTC and stakeholders like Huawei, work hand in hand to address how they can improve ICT innovations and solutions for Internet connections for  Filipino people.
There is also an interesting unfolding in the Television Broadcasting industry to be revealed soon.
They mentioned that all Central Business District will now have broadband coverage download speed of 20mbps available by 2016.
Households for the same time frame, will also have available broadband atleast 2mbps.
They have envisioned in Barangays to have atleast one public internet center, that will provide reliable internet services.
Public schools will also be provided with 2mbps of internet download speed.

With all these plans, they will continue to thrive in the years to come.
Studies have revealed that if there is 2x increase in the broadband industry, there will be a .3 increase in GDP, thus, a more robust economy.
Jacky Gao Kexin, the CEO of Huawei Technologies Philippines.
“At Huawei, we believe technological innovation will help advance social progress, and communications will enrich people’s lives. We will leverage our leading ICT products and solutions to innovate jointly with our Filipino partners to help this country become a leading nation” Added Jacky Gao.

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