Avida Land partners with Rags2Riches for a sustainable and inspired living

What inspires you?

For me, if someone is putting a lot of hard work into something, it is indeed inspirational.
Maybe for most of us, it's a memorable phrase or moving piece of art.
If you see a nice home with nice trimmings and all, don't you get inspired to just go home and look at it at the end of the hard day's work?

I was grateful to witness an inspirational collaboration between Avida Land and Rags2Riches recently that aims to inspire and create possibilities and opportunities.
As Avida Land celebrates 25 years of inspired living, one of the highlights of this collaboration is the showcasing of Rags2Riches' specially designed line of home accessories at the Avida showroom in Glorietta starting August 12, 2015.
The collection is to support and showoff the talents of the Filipinos and empowering them all over the country.
Sustainability is part of Avida Land's DNA and they are happy to share the same values that Rags2Riches are also doing for the communities they partnered with and served.
Reese Fernandez-Ruiz , president of R2R and Tess Tatco, Avida Land head for marketing
Through this initiative and partnership, they will be able to show amazing creations in the homes of future partners and homeowners of Avida Land and at the same time they will know they're part of the story of positive change.

The concept behind Rags2Riches 
Rags2Riches started 7 years ago as a solution to a social problem because of injustice. Like Artisans creating products but not really getting any recognition and the compensation they deserve. They eventually have partnered with young professionals and really talented designers.
They started and grew because of collaboration and the rest is history.

Rags2Riches is a social enterprise that all of the artisans have regular productions. They have 900 artisans and the active ones are at 200. Since the partnership aims to be sustainable one, they will be needing more artisans that they could train in the future that could be part of this collaboration with Avida Land.
This particular collaboration is something new for Rags2Riches. They are excited to see homes with Rags2Riches products. The new line R2R Living is a platform for a much bigger audience to hear about the stories of these talented artisans. Avida Land and Rags2Riches have always been believers of the talents of Filipinos.
Dubbed as the Live Inspired Collection, the line evokes the various lifestyle inspired by Avida Land showcasing stylish mats, coasters, and throw pillows.
Rags2Riches ensures that each product is attributed to the artisan who painstakingly weaved and stitched the product to life.
The R2R collection will be offered to Avida Land buyers and they'd be having a series of open houses and it will be part of Avida Land's gift to them. This collection actually is essential items inside a home. The basic, typical things with a lot of hard work and inspiration behind it.

This is just one of the collaborations. For the month of August, numerous workshops will be conducted. You can visit the collection set up at the Avida Land showroom that will run until September 12 they will offer to Avida Land residents. This will be public and can be bought online.

R2R started from fashion lines and R2R is just an extension rather than an exchange. They still have the fashion lines available at several outlets. For the home line, R2R believes that it is a good next step because a lot of people are interested with the weaving collection which can also be applied to home accessories as well. Its not always fashion but lifestyle. When you talk about lifestyle, you don't see that on how you dress, how you look but also how you live. It is their brand message.
They are not closing their doors the possibilities of expanding, like for furnitures, but it's definitely something they look forward to and experimenting on. R2R is not just supporting artisans, it is also bridging artisans to the market and vice versa.

The photos below are some of the remarkable creations of the artisans at the Avida Land showroom in Glorietta
They even let us try how to weave in a small frame to see how it is done.

 I was quite a fast-learner myself!
Sir Niel of Stratworks enjoying his free training on how to become  a great weaver someday. LOL

 These colorful and durable wallets can be bought for only 400 each! Not bad,eh?
My heart belongs to these babies. This remarkable bags were made by the super talented artisans of R2R. These are priced at 4000 and up.

Live Inspired is all bout bringing inspiring messages to one's home. Be part of this wonderful partnership and visit an Avida Land showroom nearest you to discover lifestyle of passion and inspiration.
The Lived Inspired Collection can be viewed at Ayala Showroom Glorietta until September 12 and pre-orders will be accepted in all Rags2Riches outlets and online store, www.Rags2Riches.ph

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