GrabTaxi officially launches #GrabTaxiBaguio. Some FAQs about GrabTaxi app

Hailing a taxi nowadays can really be frustrating and is completely old-fashioned for some.

With all the mobile apps and services sprouting like mushrooms, you can say that gone are the days when you have to stick out your arm and the taxi will approach and stop next to you.
I get anxious whenever I ride a cab back then. That was enough reason for me to enroll myself in a driving school. But after I sold out my car last year, traveling to work becomes harder again, especially when they require me to bring the kids to work.
GrabTaxi has become my saving grace when it comes to commuting. I never leave the house without bringing my handy WIFI with me, for GrabTaxi required an internet connection.
I make sure that I inform all my friends and family about this wonderful application and how super convenient it is for me riding a GrabTaxi or GrabCar.

Last week, I got an invite, along with other Manila Bloggers, to visit Baguio and attend the official launching of #GrabTaxiBaguio , which happened last Wednesday, August 5, at Baguio Craft Brewery.
You can view the things we did the night before, during, and after the launching HERE .

But first, what is GrabTaxi?

GrabTaxi is a mobile application that everyone can easily download using iOS, android and Blackberry. It started in Malaysia that has expanded in the Philippines. Others are Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.
Back then, there were only 20 to 30 people handling GrabTaxi here in the Philippines. Now, they have 188 employees all over the country. GrabTaxi are now available in 6 cities, namely :

  • Cebu 
  • IloIlo
  • Davao
  • Bacolod
  • Manila
  • Baguio

They have now more than 111,000 drivers registered in their network. They help the passengers book their drivers via their own smartphones.

GrabTaxi has one goal.
Their goal is to solve real problems of the commuters, that in the taxi industry is currently facing. Common situations that may have cost you time and money that you never even knew about.
One situation is that most women, who usually take cabs at night, feels very unsafe. I flinch every time I get into a taxi. It's like always holding on for dear life.

Another common danger that travelers usually face come in the form of taxi rides, and the drivers behind the wheel.
It's always the safety issues.

Some drivers would ask for extra 50 pesos because your location is too far. But mostly, drivers are cranky all the time.
I encountered one cab driver taking the longer route instead of finding a shortcut to your destination.
It really really scares all of us to take cabs , so we'd rather take other modes of transportation or just buying your own car.
Hailing a cab can be truly an inconvenience for all of us.
Most especially when it's raining--you cannot get a cab because of the long lines at the taxi terminal.
You're only waisting 15 to 20 minutes waiting for a cab but then when it's your turn, the driver would just decline or cancel and drop you off in the middle of nowhere.

GrabTaxi also plans to solve problems regarding the drivers' side.

There are quite a few numbers of taxis now in Baguio and still increasing. At the same time, passengers are quite growing in numbers as well. It's difficult when there is an inefficiency of supply and demand.

GrabTaxi helps drivers to save time. Cabs would roam around the city for hours in search for passengers, thus, wasting of time. Gasoline is wasted as well.
Ms. Khriztina Lim shared about GrabTaxi's 3 pillars they always live by. It must be

  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Sure

They aim to give SAFE rides for passengers and drivers. As well as to give FAST and SURE rides.
So, how does the app work?
First, choose your pick up point and drop off point then click NEXT

There is an OPTION space,where you can put extra notes to driver or informing them in giving a tip ahead of time.

For the promo codes- it ususally subsidizes the metered fares of the passengers.

Wait less than a minute for the driver's confirmation.

Here's what you can see on your mobile screen :

  • Driver's plate number
  • Name
  • Photo 
  • Phone number

You can even track your ride and let others track you.
No more dishonest drivers. You will have their exact location and you can see that on the map provided by GrabTaxi.

You can also share the location of your ride to families and friends if your doubtful with your driver.
For example, if you're leaving the office, you can send the link to one of your friends and then they can watch the entire trip. And if it's done, the driver will then click the drop-off button so friends will be notified that you're already safe at your destination.
For the drivers :
When the passenger books, GrabTaxi will notify drivers within 3km radius. This is the standard radius they have in Metro Manila but for Baguio, they will trim it down to 1km radius.
Drivers have an option whether they want to confirm or not.

Most of the reasons why drivers won't pick up passengers is that they already have passengers on board or they will eventually change shifts.
So, why Baguio?
They built a launch team which they will study the cities where GrabTaxi is needed.
The studies have shown that Baguio is the top choice where GrabTaxi should be at. Next to Manila. Most people chose Baguio as the next destination of GrabTaxi because of the rampantly growing of the BPO industries over the years. Tourists are also increasing within the city. Some of the drivers already have difficulties in locating passengers in Baguio.

Before the launching, the GrabTaxi Baguio team spent the entire day meeting with the city officials, local government units, letting them know first hand that they are already in Baguio.
They are indeed hyperlocal, making sure that before the official introduction of GrabTaxi in public, the government knows them first.
They went and visited Mayor Mauricio Domogan, who took the time to really understand what the app is all about. And was very happy about the whole launching.
They also visited LTFRB Baguio.

GrabTaxi Baguio team has been doing a lot of beta testing for a month now to ensure that the app is working just fine and is compatible with the mobile phones that the drivers will get.
From their one month stay, they were able to successfully interview some of the Baguio drivers. These drivers were also present during the launching event.
Mr.Rodolfo Ting, a driver from Baguio, explained that his income was only around 900 pesos, but with GrabTaxi, he gets to take home an extra income of 4500 for his family. All in all, he has 170 passengers in a week's time.
With GrabTaxi, he can find passengers efficiently. Saves time and gas as well.

Ms. Palmarin Nuval, also a driver from Baguio, said that he feels safe because the passengers are being monitored by GrabTaxi also.

Here are some of the questions being answered by Ms. Lim at the #GrabTaxiBaguio launch:

How many taxis and taxi drivers GrabTaxi is targeting in Baguio in years time?
After the launch, GrabTaxi plan on getting all the drivers that will meet their standard. It's not a guranteed 100%. Only about the 70% of the total number of drivers within Baguio, because they want to teach the drivers that there are certain standards they want to meet to be able to sign up with GrabTaxi.
How much is the booking fee in Baguio?
The booking fee will be 25 pesos, but since GrabTaxi is new here, they will give out promo codes. Promo code BAGUIO slashes off the entire booking fee and 50 pesos off the driver's meter. S if your ride is only 40 pesos, your ride will be free instantly. 

What if a passenger would ask for a cab in the middle of the night, going down around 10kms down Marcos Highway, would the fare be the same? Special rate, perhaps?
The driver should follow the meter, what is stated in the meter should the only thing he should ask from the passenger. Plus the booking fee if the passenger were not able to use the promo code. 

How about bringing Grabcar in Baguio?
Grabcar focuses in Manila only. For Baguio, they will only have GrabTaxi. They want to perfect the entire system first  before considering expansion.

It's always a problem in Baguio when it comes to terrain. 
Some drivers usually complain about how steep the location is. What to do when one encountered a driver like this?
GrabTaxi drivers go to a very rigid training. They lecture them on the dos and don'ts. What they need to do when they signed up for GrabTaxi. If one driver accepts a booking, he is already familiar with the place. He cannot cancel on a passenger when that passenger is already inside the driver's cab. Everything is being monitored by the GrabTaxi team.

How many are using the app in Baguio?
Still a few. 30% of the total taxi numbers. Colorums are not part of this. They only entertain the operators with franchise from the LTFRB.

What is GrabTaxi's standard for the drivers and how to address complaints if there are. Do you suspend a driver from their service or directly complain them to LTFRB?
First, GrabTaxi will approach the operators and ask about their top drivers so Grabtaxi will know that these drivers who will be entering the platform would be of quality ones. They have a feedback mechanism for the passengers, so every time there's a negative feedback to a driver , GrabTaxi would flag them and investigate and of all evidences are substantiated, they suspend the drivers. But they make sure they will hear both sides.  
Drivers can also complain about their passengers and they have a strict suspension for passengers. 3 strikes from 3 complaining drivers, they ban the passenger.

How do you assure the quality of the cars and the units that will be used?
GrabTaxi has a driver experience team that visits the fleets and meets with the operators before they issue the cellphones of the drivers, they have to see the units first. The cellphone is tied to the plate number of the taxi so they will know they cannot switch units from new ones to old. 

Do you give out franchise?
No. Grabtaxi only partners with existing taxi operators that has franchises.   

So, how can a taxi drvier join the GrabTaxi community?
The Drivers can visit the GrabTaxi Baguio office along Magsaysay road, near Supreme hall. The GrabTaxi driver exprience team would cooperate with the operator to check if the driver is okay to register in their platform. Then, the driver will undergo training process for 3 days to 1 week. After that, GrabTaxi will issue the driver's own smart phone. The phone is microfinanced --meaning GrabTaxi paid for it first, but the driver will eventually pay for it weekly through the booking fee. The value of the phone is more or less 8000 pesos. No cash out payment. 

What if the drivers are really choosy with their passengers?
GrabTaxi gives them incentives. Like giving the drivers extra money. Or it can be non-monetary things.
They have a VIP driver program-- GrabTaxi gives the qualified drivers with insurance, extra birthday money, grocery money. Thorugh this program, drivers are encourage not to discriminate passengers. 

If you need more information ragarding this app, GrabTaxi has 24/7 customer service.

You can download GrabTaxi App for FREE on the following:


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