It's #OishiSnacktacular 2015 at the Trinoma Activity Center

I've been meaning to share with you what I did on the very first day of  #OishiSnacktacular2015 happened at the event area of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City last Friday.
Of all the emails I received about that particular event, the most popular question is – Is there a fee? How much?
Most foods that stock the shelves of our pantry are (clearing my throat) not so healthy, which can be a determinant of how well of a person I truly am. LOL
But let me remind you that this applies only for the MOM. Kids are not allowed to indulge on these snacks. Hah!
The choice is whether to stock your pantry in a way that supports healthy eating habits.. or leaves you constantly tempted. But mostly the latter.
Snacks such as cookies and chips are really impossible to avoid..especially if that is an Oishi snack we're talking about.

Whenever I have my movie "me" time, I rely on Oishi for snacking and convenient eating. These aren’t the only foods I eat, of course, but they’re great to have on hand.
Forgive me but it is difficult shutting them out at the grocery store.

I first heard of this one-of-a-kind event last year from a media friend, unfortunately, I was not able to participate, mainly because of the location ( actually, did not get an invite, LOL ). But I heard it was a huge success and Oishi owners made it even better this year at this #OishiSnacktacular2015!
At the registration booth :
You have to register first to have an opportunity to win prizes and roam around the Oishi activity center, to enjoy all sorts of activities and treats in store for all of you.
What I got from the registration booth :
A free pass to WOW Card, which can be your ticket to get an exclusive Oishi O WoW shirt, just by completing all stamps.
A coupon to claim the 2ft. Giant pack from the Oishi Snack Shack and another coupon, which I was entitled to have FREE snacks and entrance. This was for the media event.
For the public, you need to pay a certain amount at the play area.
 At the Oishi Pack and Pose booth
 Guests can strike their hottest pose inside the giant bag of spicy Oishi prawn crackers.
 The Magalona sisters were there, striking a hot pose inside this cool Oishi bag. 
 I'm not much of a photogenic myself, so posing in front of the public can be quite difficult. I only do private selfies. 
 Anyway, I had super fun!
 The next booth I visited was the Oishi Slush C
 You can refresh the Smart way with the yummy Oishi Smart C slushy for only 20 pesos. Opt for the lemon flavored Smart C or the Pomelo. I opted for the lemon flavor. I wanted to get some more but the overwhelming feeling during the event got me hard that I completely lost track of everything.
Here at the Oishi Twirl, guests can enjoy yummy soft-serve ice cream made from Oishi Choco Chug for only 20 pesos!

Make use of those Arnold Schwarzenegger-like biceps and turn the pulley yourself. Get your very own Choco Chug soft-serve from this awesome ice cream machine that I think, without a doubt, was once appeared at the movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

 I did not know that Choco Chug is made with finely ground oats and milk that makes it more yummy!
You have 6 toppings to choose from, with the yummy Oishi sweets and savory snacks. Do not judge me for having 3 or more toppings because I really love them all.
Here's my second favorite booth at the #OishiSnacktacular2015. The Oishi Snack Shack.
Yes, you can fill your Oishi 2ft. giant pack with all these Oishi goodies in just 60 seconds for only 295 pesos. I did regret of not getting all the Smart Cs and Choco Chugs settled at the bottom of the shelves. So, please, fill your bag with only the juices and chocolate boxes. You can still get snacks from the Snack Catcher anyway.
 Here it is! The cutest giant Oishi snack bag, ever!
 Posing before anything else, LOL!
 See all the juices at the bottom shelf? Try to fill your bag with all those. One Smart C bottle I think is prized at 20 pesos I think. 
Elmo Magalona at the Oishi Make your own Oishi snack booth.
For 20 pesos, you can choose from the 6 snack bases like Ridges Potato Chips, Corn Clubs, Marty's Veggie Chicharon, Ridge sticks, Oishi Prawn Crackers, Potato Fries. And 12 types of flavors posted below.
For the base, I opted for the Oishi Prawn Crackers, which are my forever favorite and mixed it with BBQ with Sweet and Spicy flavors.
 I love this Oishi Make your own Snack Bag because it's durable , I was able to bring it for my 3 and enjoyed it at home.
 So, here's my ultimate favorite booth here at the #OishiSnacktacular event, The Oishi Snack Catcher!
Celebrities like Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista and Kean Cipriano took these challenges without any arte whatsoever.
I enjoyed watching every minute of what they did and I actually preparing myself ahead for this exhilarating and creative field of play.
I transformed into a human crane for a minute or so, similar to that Prize Claw app you see on mobiles. I was strapped into a harness, posed for the camera, dipped into a pool of Oishi snacks and every single thing I grabbed was all mine for only 120 pesos!
Would you believe, for my first try, I had 64 chips! On the second, I got 85! Blogger friend Lou was not able to try this one out because she was wearing a mini skirt that day. She asked me if I wanted to do it all over again plus I will get to take home all the chips from that turn. I wholeheartedly accepted the challenge but I still let her have all the chips I got because the experience alone was already enough for me.
Prizes were also raffled off during the #OishiSnacktacular event. Some won 5k Bench gcs. Others took home a 4ft. Giant Oishi snack bags!
 Celebrities enjoying the Oishi Photo Booth with Team O!
Today, it’s Day 3 of ‪#‎OishiSnacktacular‬ 2015! Watch out for Team O members Slater, Ramon, Elmo, Daniel, Kathryn and Alex later at 4 PM at the Trinoma activity center as the latest member of the Team O Barkada, who will effortlessly turn up the O, WOW factor for their fans and Oishi Lovers!
So, what are you waiting for? Bring your whole family and head over to Trinoma for the last day of the #OishiSnacktacular2015!
See you there!

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