Robinsons Supermarket I Love Wellness Caravan at Robinsons Metroeast

Mommy bloggers from the East a.k.a MOMEAST were invited to participate at the final leg of Robinsons Supermarket's Wellness Caravan held at Robinsons Metroeast recently.

As we all know, Robinsons Supermarket is the number one choice for moms like me for fresh and healthy food. It is the first major retailer to promote health and wellness that commits to bring healthy selections and affordable prices in a clean and organized shopping destination.

The mommy bloggers and I started the wellness journey by visiting each wellness station spread out at the entire supermarket.
Here at the DARE TO TOUCH station, the sense of touch is being tested here. They prepared a large box that's large enough to place the hand or arm in the box to see if one can identify the contents inside without actually seeing them. I was able to guess each item correctly. Yey!

 To be able to get a reward from the customer service center, I have to fill this with stamps. 
Here at the BOX YOUR MIND station, This will put your memory to the test and see how much one can memorize and remember correctly the arrangement of items.
This game will give your short term memory a good developmental workout.
At the HEART ON THE MOVE station, player is given 3 minutes to get watermelons from the fruit rack , peel them, put inside the blender and make the blender work by using the bike. I was able to make watermelon shake and drink it too for free :)
 Here at the DISCOVER WELLNESS station, a letter is printed on each ball and the player must form the phrase "I LOVE WELLNESS" to complete the task.
 LOVE YOUR HOME was the last station I visited. I was able to fold and arrange 5 shirts in 1 minute. Awesome!
Because I was able to complete the whole task, I received a bag of goodies from Robinsons Supermarket and from generous sponsors like Nestle, Unilever, Johnsons and Johnsons, Dove, Breeze, Ponds.

  Got also my yummy wellness nuts from them :)

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