Watch the newest Japanese drama AMACHAN on TV5 and win prizes!

Have you ever been hooked to watching any TV show at the present or before?

For the longest time, I found myself kind of addicted to most Asian TV series and the world really needs to stop whenever my favorite show is up and running on my laptop.
It's difficult for me to accomplish anything when I'm currently engrossed with any Asian programs, especially shows with amusing and intriguing romantic plots. I was never a fanatic, but I would be drawn toward such shows. I love anything romance and comedy, even if it's not the main highlight of the show.

Now, recently, I was invited and was fortunate enough to have an exclusive sneak peek of the newest comedy drama TV series from Japan, Amachan, to be shown on Kapatid Network this coming October. I'm not much into drama but after seeing the trailer, my heightened curiosity reached the peak.
So, what is this Amachan drama all about?
This show tells a story of a young girl AKI with high hopes and dreams and it takes viewers on a happy journey of pursuing these dreams alongside her family and friends who'll bring in laughs and heartwarming moments as well.
Now this drama, unlike others, gives a different perspective of Japan's culture as it shows traditional practices, with the effects of the great east Japan earthquake plus the tsunami disaster.

Here's one trivia : The word AMA is actually sea women in Japan. And the Chan? I'm not sure. LOL. So, those are the women who dive and fish for a living. Particularly sea urchins.
Amachan not only won the hearts of Japanese viewers, the productions of the series in the Tohoku region, which endured the biggest blow of the devastating tsunami disaster in 2011, was also seen to have contributed in efforts to restore the region.

Part of the Amachan show, which is the Hallo Hallo Cafe, will post evaluate what's going on in the series and integrates elements of the show, in variety of fun games and prizes galore.
It is an interactive post show segment that will be hosted by the seasoned comedian Yachang, with Angel, as well as Kawaii5.
So, for Amachan viewers, you'll not only have the episode of Amachan itself and what goes on in the storyline but also going to be treated in a segment of Hallo Hallo Cafe. Hallo Hallo Cafe sort of provides the Pinoy flavor, at the same time introduces the Filipino audience to the unique Japanese culture so the viewers can also partake in what's happening in the show.

So, here's the exciting part :
Viewers can win awesome prizes just by registering for free on and can win up to 10 million points by simply watching the show. Every single day, 1000 items will be given away. That's a whole lot of prizes if you ask me. Be on the lookout for the daily keyword , which equates to points that can eventually turn into prizes!
Awesome, right?!
If you complete 150 keywords out of 156 full episodes of Amachan Hallo Hallo Cafe, the points become the equivalent of 10 million points.

We also witnessed the traditional Kagami-biraki ceremony performed between TV5 representatives and the JIB TV team after the contract signing, in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present.
This is a symbol of harmony. The kagami-biraki, therefore, represents an opening to harmony and good fortune.

Amachan indeed is full of good energy , good fortune , very entertaining and full of fun!
So, watch out for the premier of Amachan this October on TV5 with a 30-minute episode, Mondays to Fridays 11am, with fresh episodes in the morning and replay at night.

You better catch Amachan, only on TV5 :)

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