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I remember when my daughter was about a few months old and we started giving her solids, I noticed that certain foods gave her a terrible reaction on her skin.
I thought it was just an allergic reaction but when I took her to her Pedia, she said it was a bad case of Eczema or skin asthma for some, here in the Philippines. They do not allow that term in other countries.
Yes, certain foods will really trigger it. But mostly when the weather is extremely hot, plus of course, the pollution can add up too. She's now 10 years old and the patches of eczema on the rest of her body still get really ugly and red and you can really hear her scratch a few feet away, it's as if a cat was scratching on a scratch post. She has chapped forehead and it's irritating her, she could not sleep from all that scratching.

The Pedia would recommend a certain strong steroid cream, but she will just suffer again and there's nothing I could do. It was quite difficult for me to handle the situation because I didn't have asthma but my husband suffered from it when he was younger. So, basically it's genetic. My kids are likely to suffer from this condition because my husband had it.
We've all been there--when our kids are up all night because of the unbearable itchiness. A constant battle.

Having a goodnight's sleep is extremely vital, most especially for kids because that's the time they develop fully.
Have you noticed that if your kids are well-rested, they're happy kids all throughout the day the next day?

So, what is this Eczema exactly or better known as skin asthma?
Eczema is the Greek word for boil over or break out that actually covers a broad range of diseases, and the common of such is Atopic Dermatitis.
It is often seen on skin folds on kids like the neck, the front of the elbows, the back of the knees. The usually super dry part, like a bark of a tree. Reddish and sometimes bloody. Itchiness, redness, swelling are mostly seen on people with this kind of skin condition.

The itchiness can be so severe and they would come and go. The impairment can be comparable to that of asthma or even Diabetes in children.

Thankfully, my daughter never had any experience on bullying because of her appearance. But sometimes I feel that she would isolate herself from the others. Some would question me about her condition and I would only give facts about Eczema. Changes in temperature or humidity can often cause her eczema to flare up.

Managing Eczema is quite difficult, especially if you re not exposed with this kind of situation.
We should be fully aware of that matter. Truly, education is the key.
Prevention and skin care is extremely important.
Topical Steroids are sometimes used for this condition and has been around for a long time. But usually, the more potent ones has adverse effects. That's why they created Elica.
I'm now relieved that if and when we do encounter skin asthma the next time, I will already know how to manage and treat it. The only way we can do it is with Elica.
Elica is the first line of defense. It's super effective and a sure way to prevent Eczema from coming back. I already used the Elica Lotion on my daughter's skin and after using it for days, I noticed that her skin became smoother, no more itching at night. Hooray!
The minute I start to see all of the symptoms mentioned above, I would put Elica lotion immediately to make it go away. Once a day is enough to protect the skin.
Queen kramer, Ms. Cheska Kramer, has also been an Elica user for quite some time now.
"The first time I ever used Elica was because of Kendra. Kendra has sensitive skin but among the 3, Scarlett has the most sensitive skin. Scarlett has rough patches at the crease of her arm or like her neck and would complain that it's super itchy. I was very concerned because she's a girl and the doctor told me she has a different skin type because she can easily gets rashes. When she had this, she was very irritable and very hard to deal with.  Elica became handy for me.  It's fast-acting. Elica saved the day." 
Being able to see my daughter's elbows, knees and legs again is already a sweet victory for me.
I noticed that even though I don't use Elica on all her little spots, some of them have disappeared anyway.
I'm really glad I was able to attend this Elica event because I really didn't want to get on any of the heavy duty medicine as it messes with my kid's immune system. This has been perfect.
Remember, Elica 5g Cream is used for wet lesions and Elica 5g Ointment is used for dry/thicker lesions.
If symptoms persist, please consult only with your pediatrician. You should use these with extreme caution in children , especially for pregnant women. This is not recommended to use for more than 2 weeks.
You are not alone, Mom.
10 to 20 percent of children and 1 to 3 percent of adults worldwide are diagnosed with eczema.
For eczema relief, trust only what the doctor recommends.
You and your child can now have sweet dreams, thanks to Elica.
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