BabyWorld event plus GIVEAWAY -- WINNER ANNOUNCED!

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Though the number of selections in the market for a "low-end" with "low-quality" baby products are abundant , the latter should not always be the options for most families.

For first time parents, if you think rather cheap--substandard products would actually help you, think again. 
Risking your baby's health is never any good just because you are trying to save money. For the past 9 years of being a mom, this has been my sentiment.

Thankfully, BabyWorld had been providing a wide array of baby products exemplary both in quality and affordability for 20 years now.
 Becoming a mom should not stress you in all angles. BabyWorld continues to provide what's best for your babies.

During the BabyWorld product launch held at Citrus restaurant at the Renaissance center in Ortigas a week ago, the important uses plus the costs of the products were shown to us one by one. Pardon the low quality of photos. Using only my phone camera.

For instance, this printed soft-padded , hygienic pvc-- BABY CUSHION POTTY SEAT that can easily be placed directly onto the existing toilet seat ,costs around 300 bucks and 489.75 for potty seat with handle. Not bad actually. Potty training can actually be easy and fun. 
 But I admit, still having problems with my 5 year-old kid regarding potty training. Woe is me.

The next one is the COT SHEET.
COT SHEETS are probably ancient and were first introduced to us by our grandmas. Kidding aside, this biodegradable, made from 100% superior quality natural latex rubber , is specifically designed with air bubbles to help circulate air flow. 
Very effective for a sudden need of a nappy change especially when traveling . See how the water stayed at the middle all the time?
Available in 3 sizes with srp of  249.75 , 289.75 and 439.75 respectively.

The other one is the DISPOSABLE MULTI-PURPOSE CHANGE MAT. This is very ideal for moms and safe to use for babies at home or on-the-go. 
Has an extra absorbent layer  , leak proof liner and water resistant backing that can be used to keep babies safe from unclean surfaces.
 With the help of a very helpful Astig blogger of Astig Machismis , he started the demo by putting some ketchup plus mustard onto the mat to see the effectiveness of the quality.
Voila! No back leaks! Careful on the sides though.
Pack of 4 costs only 69.75 php

The next product is the DISPOSABLE BIB
 Of course, who doesn't know how to use bibs? Used for the prevention of getting stained while the baby is eating. ( Looks good on you , sir! haha)
This is water-resistant backing plus soft and absorbent. No ties, no hooks, very convenient.
Pack of 6 costs 69.75 and travel box of 20 at 249.75. Flower baby was model baby!

This ultra-thin but super absorbent pads are the DISPOSABLE NURSING PADS
The soft, star-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. It also has two non-slip adhesive tape so that the pad will stays in place.
That is the only polymer style breast padthat keeps it's shape when wet.
Box of 12's at 99.75 while the 24's at 189.75 and 36's at 269.75

Naturally-shaped silicone nipples that have squeezable , skin-like texture and have teething nubs for tender gums. It also have innovative non-leaking anti-colic vents. Anti-colic meaning reduces the amount of bubbles that a normal bottle has. Your baby is less likely to take in air as he feeds.
Made from 100% safe materials , BPA PVC and Pthalate-free
Pack of 2's costs only 89.75

Some of the other products are :
  • Baby hangers, pins and diaper clips
  • Bath tub
  • Blankets
  • Feeding bottles
  • Puzzle Mats
  • Teether
  • Wash cloth and Bathrobe
  • Feeding dishes
  • Kids Rider

And now, here's the exciting part..
BabyWorld products galore!

Now that Mother's day is nearing PLUS I feel extra generous right now--and since I didn't get a chance to experience my own baby shower PLUS no more any plans on having another bundle of joy-- wouldn't be needing all these any time soon (hopefully), this Pink BathTub full of BabyWorld products for 1 newbie mom or soon-to-be-mom would be perfect for my pre-mother's day-- baby shower giveaway.
METRO MANILA RESIDENTS ONLY, for now. ( Due to difficulty in shipping of these prizes )

Yes, you read it right, 1 sole winner for all these.

And that winner is ( drumroll ) -- Pearl Paguio



  1. i want my baby to experience the good quality and easy use of baby world products

    joanna maliwat

    1. Hi there!
      Please share your fb url with your posts here po :)
      Thank you!


  2. You should choose me as the sole winner of this giveaway because I need those products for my baby. My 4 months old son need those,because his baby products aren't complete. And I dont care if its pink as long as my son can use it.

    Name:Nesslyn Capati
    FB Share:

  3. Cy Valencia

    Please choose me as a winner because my sister is 6 months pregnant and i'd like to give it to her on her baby shower. This will be a great help since it will save her a lot of money. I also want her to realize that Baby World products are superb in quality yet affordable in price.

  4. Please choose me because I will give this to my sister in law who is pregnant. She is a first time mom and no idea kung anong ang mga dapat e prepare for the coming baby. I believe this would be a great savings and help for her and I can assure her that Baby World products are good quality.

  5. Jo Marie Jarnaiz

  6. Jonalyn Repalda

    Please Choose me because if i win i would give it to my sister who has 2months old baby but she don't have enough stuff for her baby and because of you she would very happy and the baby :-)

  7. Felix Tesado

    Please Choice me because my daughter really need it and big help for me and my wife.

  8. Why you should pick me as a winner? I am a mother of two princesses already and right now, we are planning to finally have our baby boy (hopefully) and I really want to give him all the best care he deserved! But as the prizes are mostly pink (my fave color!), these definitely would not be fitting for what we are praying to have. But then, again, I have my cutie niece to enjoy all of these wonderful items, so please do choose me, pretty please?! :)

    Josephine Bahala
    FB post:

  9. I want to give this as a gift to my bestfriend, a teen mom who just had her baby this february. I'd love to give it as a gift to her since I know, she'll be needing it for the baby care and it would surely be one of the best gifts that she'll have!! thank you so much

    Rozelle Reyes /


  10. This will be a good help for my bulingit! Thanks ate erica! :p

  11. Having another baby after 7 years is quite daunting for me, its like having a baby for the first time. Since we have been waiting for Baby G for the longest time and 6 months underway, the Baby World products would be a great start for my baby's needs...

    Paula Rodillo

  12. That prize helps me a lot specially to my baby. so please chose me.. God bless you

  13. That prize helps me a lot specially to my baby. so please chose me.. God bless you .

    Name: Maria Angelene del Monte

  14. Please chose me because that prize helps me for my baby that soon to be born.. God bless you

    Ma. Elleen Mendoza

  15. it would be a great help for my sister if i win this prizes.. i would to give it to my nephew if i win these prizes, before when i got pregnant its my sister who's always giving something for my baby, now it's pay back time.. :) i would to give it to my nephew :)

    Josephine S. Gregorio

  16. Hi. Joining this giveaway because it is very beneficial on my part. Because we are on a tight budget now and also it will be beneficial for my baby boy to use this products because it came from a trusted brand :D Thanks!

    Lorie Gonzales

  17. If I win these, I intend to hand these over to my 16-year-old godchild in Pampanga, who is expecting her first child this April.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  18. I would like to have these product para yung masa-save na pera magamit pambili ng milk and diaper. Big savings un for us. Lalo na ngayon malapit nanaman magbayad ng mga bills. :D

    Yhie Nocasa

  19. Oh wow!! Please Please Please choose me my baby badly needs these stuff and the color is just so perfect for my baby Brianna..Her essentials aren't complete yet because I gave out some of her older siblings stuff to a neighbor who has financial difficulties, she was about to give birth already and doesn't have baby essentials yet. Hoping to win! :)

    Pearliza Paguio

  20. I would to have this because my brother's wife is 4months pregnant... i prepare all her needs when the baby is coming... I prepare and gather all things that I know it is surely guaranteed... best brand and tested...

  21. I would to have this because my brother's wife is 4months pregnant... i prepare all her needs when the baby is coming... I prepare and gather all things that I know it is surely guaranteed... best brand and tested...

  22. HI! Joining this giveaway because its a big help for my sister in law...soon to be born and it is a beautiful gift from BabyWorld Products... Hope to have it all ^_^

  23. Because it would be my gift to my upcoming niece/newphew to my sis! I wanna surprise her if I won!

  24. My sister in law is due on this may and I want to give this Babyword product as a gift she would truly love this its there first baby and I want to give her the best product and guaranteed safe ..

    Maricel Fajardo!/emcel.fajardo/posts/437320766370240?stream_ref=10

  25. I hope to win please.. Mother's day is fast approaching and I'm gonna be a Grand Mother soon. I hope to surprise my daughter and give this to her as an advance present for her upcoming delivery.

    Sena Gonzales

  26. I love those baby products, if i won i will give it to my sister.

    Eva San Luis

  27. Jessiemer ABing

    I'am not a mother yet but Winning this would greatly help my tita who just gave birth to her son last month. She is a single parent so I want to help even in little ways.

  28. Judith Albius

    Please Choice me because i will give it to my Tita soon to be mommy like me

  29. sherry ann gole cruz

    You should choose me because i want to give this as a gift for my cousin that been victim of yolanda,it will be a great help for their baby..


God Bless & Stay Safe!

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