My visit to Liberty New York Steakhouse at U.P Town Center

10:33 PM

It was yet another marvelous Thursday for new acquaintances and exciting culinary endeavor. 

Foodie bloggers and friends alike were given a chance to indulge on a feast fit for epicures. I was completely clueless at first on what to expect from this foodie review event but I was positive enough that by the end of  the day my taste buds will achieve satisfaction.
The moment  I set foot on Liberty New York Steakhouse, which is located at the second floor of U.P Town Center in Katipunan, I knew i wIas in for a treat.
Liberty New York Steakhouse opened late last year and was featured just recently on a TV show. KrisTV to be exact.
These glass facades complements the structure and gave a more luxurious-modernized-look.
You can easily spot the place close to the escalators.
Upon entering the restaurant, not a single soul greeted me at the entryway which was quite a downfall for me. I was hoping to be assigned to one of the tables but none of the servers approach me. Thankfully, a familiar blogger face smiled and introduced herself to me. 
The ambiance was stylish , modern with a retro vibe into it.
Vintage New York movie posters mounted and placed on walls added a nice touch to the whole setting.
The lighting fixtures were bright and evenly spread out thus making it easier for us to take photos of everything we need.
 Comfortable and spacious leather dining chairs and booths were provided and not limited --perfect for huge friends and family gatherings.
Pieces of vintage art on shelves accent and highlighted focal point of the area. 
I'm really into antique pieces so bringing home that vintage Phonograph Horn Turntable was a dream to be made into reality. Reality bites.
The drawing on the wall made me want to visit the world famous, must see New York City landmark and attraction which is the Empire State Building.
My appetite skyrocketed as we were nearing the introduction of the food from the menu
They decided to give us a glass of  bottomless lemon iced tea and it was a thirst quenching concoction i must say.
P 95
As a starter , a hearty tomato-basil soup was served. Their soups are made daily with fresh ingredients and in small batches.
The sourness was a  bit overpowering for my taste hence leaving me with an unfinished bowl. But writing this review somehow made me regret not finishing it till the last drop. 
P 140
Gluttony increased tenfolds as the first appetizer was handed to us.
The way i see it, Spam Fries will be an instant hit for the kids and for us kids at heart.
3 choices of dips were conveniently served along with the tempura battered spam.
You can choose from cumin ketchup, whiskey mustard or the kimchi mayo- which has a bit of spiciness to it.
P 260
Doritos nachos was next appetizer on the list. These Doritos chip nachos were perfect and left me truly satisfied because it was abundantly topped with Mango Cilantro Salsa , Chili Con Carne , Jalapenos and Cheese Sauce.
P 320
Just when i thought i had enough appetizers, out came the Greens.
Known as the Chop Salad --an american garden fresh salad consisting of Mesclun Greens (Mesclun is the name given to the mix of greens when they're grown together for salad, often spicy and always delicious) , Crispy bacon, Char broiled chicken breast, Ripe mango , Hard boiled egg , Feta Cheese plus red wine vinaigrette.
P 350
This, my friend, is the yummy Falafel Salad.
I enjoyed gobbling it up because of the caramelized walnuts.
It has deep fried chickpea balls, Mesclun greens with Feta cheese , Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber, marinated olives tossed in herbed red wine Vinaigrette.
P 250
Spicy foods are not palatable for my tongue so i didn't finish this sweet spicy appetizer- the Liberty Buffalo Wings. But this dish was so tasty and i was really hoping it was not super spicy so i can finish the whole plate. The carrots, celery crudities plus a bleu cheese dip are the perfect companions for this dish.
P 265
The most highly anticipated meal of the event was up next.
My choice for the main course was the Roasted beef with rice topped with gravy . It was way scrumptious. The helping of the beef was so juicy and thick but soft in every bite.
The mushroom gravy along with the roasted veggies is just perfect for this whole roasted dish.
P 350
This double quarter pound Liberty Ultimate Steak burger didn't make it to my taste buds unfortunately. I was busy enjoying other dishes and forgot to try out this one myself. This Char Broiled steak is 100% Angus patty with another bacon patty plus portabello mushroom , american cheddar cheese and horseradish. The fries were okay but you can pair it with cumin ketchup or the kimchi mayo to spice it up more.
P 530
Another favorite of mine was the Crazy Garlic and Mushroom tenderloin with rice. This dish was beyond superb and left me satisfied yet craving by the end. The succulent tenderloin pieces melt in your mouth and you'll just keep coming back for more. Actually we enjoyed it so much we ordered for two more happiness bowls!
P 320
The CAB Ribeye steak 21oz was served next. This divine dish with the mashed potatoes on the side and gravy complemented each other well.
P 2500

Perhaps, i'm not really into steaks for i did not quite enjoy this Gaucho grilled steak served with corn on the cob. It was a delectable dish, don't get me wrong. The black bean rice and grilled pepper rice was appreciated much more than the steak. On a positive note, the steaks are huge enough to accommodate a large group of hungry mouths.
P 400
The next best part was , of course, the desserts!
First one on the list -- these Dark Chocolate Cigars filled with Mascarpone- an italian cheese made from cream --drizzled with dark chocolate syrup. A bit bitter but as they say, dark chocolates are way healthier.

I adored these Liberty Cream Puffs! These babies made my day really. These light pastry shell puffs filled with semi-sweet custard cream and candied sugar are so addicting and i was utterly blown away :)
P 195
P 195
The last but not the least, the classic New York Cheesecake.
Yes, it's yummy, creamy and anything you can expect from a cheesecake.
Too sweet for me unfortunately.
I opt for the Cream Puffs as the dessert master!
The true winner in my mind.

Although there was a crew issue here, the chef’s creations surpassed any expectation we had and really does provide a top notch dining experience at U.P Town center.
We’ll definitely be coming back in a heartbeat!

Liberty New York Steak House 
2/F U.P. Town Center Katipunan Avenue, U.P. Campus, Quezon City, Philippines
Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 10:00
0917 780 7955

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