Life without Archie Andrews

Technology did not control our lives while growing up in the '90s and it was--in a way-- a blessing for most of us--for me--it brought ARCHIE ANDREWS and The Gang closer to my heart.

I spent half my life indulging in Double Digest Archie comic books whenever I'm lonely or happy.
Have learnt outrageous terms like Knucklehead/Carrot top/Gesundheit and were able to use them back in grade school, lol!

From way back, I wanted to own a soda shop because of that ever famous Chok'lit Shoppe of Pop Tate wherein Archie and the gang would frequently hangout.
I know for a fact that Pop Tate served the best-est burgers and sodas plus ice creams in town!
I especially love Betty and Veronica, the "frenemies" who constantly fight over Archie's attention.
Plus there's the glutton Jughead Jones, Midge and Moose, Dilton the geek , and the rest.

I couldn't help but feel more nostalgic and sad after seeing the news from CNN regarding the upcoming death of this american redhead teen with freckles from Riverdale whom we loved and admired.

Written by Paul Kupperberg , with Pat & Tim Kennedy and Fernando Ruiz for the illustration-- Life With Archie #36 will depict the title character’s death.

" The iconic comic book character, beloved by millions around the globe for over 70 years, will sacrifice himself heroically while saving the life of a friend in the pages of July’s LIFE WITH ARCHIE #36, the final issue in the flash-forward series, which spotlights Archie’s adventures after high school and college." the company had said.
"We’ve been building up to this moment since we launched Life With Archie five years ago, and knew that any book that was telling the story of Archie’s life as an adult had to also show his final moment,” said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater in a press release.

“Archie has and always will represent the best in all of us—he’s a hero, good-hearted, humble and inherently honorable. This story is going to inspire a wide range of reactions because we all feel so close to Archie. Fans will laugh, cry, jump off the edge of their seats and hopefully understand why this comic will go down as one of the most important moments in Archie’s entire history. It’s the biggest story we’ve ever done, and we’re supremely proud of it"

Archie comics has taught us so many life lessons--from heartbreak and love-- to friendship and family.
Life would never be the same without Archie but one thing's for sure , I will never grow tired of reading ARCHIE COMICS and will definitely encourage my kids to read these and love him as well.

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